Trivia: Whizzinator Fake Penis for Drug Tests!

The Whizzinator is a fake penis urinating device to defeat drug tests.

The device comes complete with dried synthetic urine, heater pack (so the urine will be body temp) and a realistic prosthetic penis in several skin tones including white, tan, latino, brown, and black. (Source)

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Former President Clinton smoked, Obama has admitted to "inhaling" marijuana as well. Washington, Franklin and many other important people smoked marijuana... are they deadbeats who should be viewed as "bad people". I think not. Just because someone smokes marijuana doesn't mean they are "junkies", maybe they have a legit reason to, granted it's illegal but so is speeding, under aged drinking and not wearing your seat belt... my reason is my dad was an alcoholic and I don't like the side effect from drinking too much so I choose to smoke. Sorry but a person who smokes can function a hell of alot better than a drunk AND you sober up quicker. BUT everyone has their opinions.
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p1p3 - the things you say not only apply to marajuana but to our society as a whole. when people blindly beleive what they are told this puts large amounts of power in the hands of very few people. sounds alot like communism right? our country spening all of its recources fighting stupid things like this instead of looking into alternatives for oil and taking care of poor people. some people are poor by choice by some are not. places like skid row ( i think that whats it called.. its a 4 block radius where 30k... yes that is 30000 homeless people live in cali) never make the news and people never see the poverty in this country!.. there is so much power in so few hands and so many people working so hard for just a little slice of the pie.
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to all of you who dont truly keep up with the times we in states like california have medical marijuana laws. however the federal government's anti-drug laws still require those of us who have valid prescriptions to use this medication to go about "cheating" on a pre-employment drug screening. now if i was on the pills that were originally prescribed for me i would be garunteed to have full renal failure by the time i turn 45, but those mind altering drugs like seroquel, depakote, lithium, resperdal, and others aren't considered to be a harm to a business. now will someone explain how uncle sam has the right to tell me "sorry son, but that marijuana that allows you to function in society just isn't good for us. instead take these pills that'll cost your uninsured self hundreds of dollars a month and kill you in 20 years."
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