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Trivia: Whizzinator Fake Penis for Drug Tests!

The Whizzinator is a fake penis urinating device to defeat drug tests.

The device comes complete with dried synthetic urine, heater pack (so the urine will be body temp) and a realistic prosthetic penis in several skin tones including white, tan, latino, brown, and black. (Source)

The best reason for all drug screens to be random.

Who is going to pack dried urine, a heater, and a prosthetic penis around with them day after day..?? Although it might be effective for the planned/scheduled preemployment drug screen.

And who is providing for the ladies..?? Would not work well for them to whip out a johnson . . ..

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screw the man......i lived under the harsh tactics of random drug screens for many years, even lost a job once because of the neo-nazi drug testing lie that our government has sold us on. it boils down to the simple fact-drug testing in the workplace equals less cost to the employer on workmen's comp insurance. it is terribly biased towards the casual cannabis user....28 days to get clean for an occasional smoker....while the crackheads and meth users get clean in 24-48 hours.
oh, and what about the violations to your constitutional rights? the right NOT to incriminate yourself and it is an illegal search and seizure. it is this kind of BS along with the "above the influence" crap that will kill america. think about can kill your babies but you can't smoke weed.
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nicely said skid.

though I am a bit conflicted: you're pro legalization, or at least anti-drug testing, which I like. at the same time, you seem to be some kind of crazy anti-abortionist.

either way, nicely said.
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does no one remember Onterrio Smith? NFL player caught with the Original Whizzinator at the Mpls-St.Paul airport, couldn't kick the weed addiction, cost him an NFL career. (he was referred to as "Bongterrio Spliff" on talk radio after the incident)
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If you have a job that requires you to present your John Henry and its contents for inspection, you have bigger problems you might want to address.
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If you don't like the drug tests, don't work there.

If you don't like my store's policies, don't shop here. Or better, yet, get your whiney ass the fuck out of here before I have you arrested.

And last but not least, if you don't like Amerika, then move to Iraq where I can hunt you down like the dog you are, rape your faggy ass, and kill you without worrying about any "repercussions."

We're here, we're fucked up and we hate you. Get used to it.
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"Amerika?" I don't get it, but then again you seem WAY to hostile over a simple voicing of one person's opinion. Isn't the right to express your own ideas still a guarantee in this country, or has that been legislated out from under us too?
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whoa there outraged......chill, man....smoke a spliff and see what you are missing. i'm not a "faggy ass", i'm a multicraft maintenance technician for a local industry, one that does not do random testing. am i bothering you if i spark up in the privacy of my home? i grow my own hydroponically so i'm not supporting any drug cartel. read "the emperor wears no clothes" for the real truth behind the drug
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Wow, it's so surreal when the druggies start trolling.

Skid, has your drug use desensitized you to Outraged's real comment? I don't think he was disagreeing with you.

I've seen enough people screw up their lives by abusing all types of substances, including marijuana and alcohol. You won't convince me that you're not hurting yourself or possibly endangering others by doing it.
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hey hey. i'm with skid the kid. that most people have a century's worth of pre-conceived notions against marijuana is bad enough. but there's got to be a law against getting you to do a random and humiliating test and incarcerate you for something that has no proven side effect more harmful than instant noodles. light up! :)
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One of the probation officers at the courthouse I used to work at said he caught someone using a whizzinator because he bought the wrong color.

Oh, and crazy drug guy...a search or seizure is only unconstitutional if performed by a government entity, as opposed to a private employer.
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forreal though all of these people who have been told their whole lives that marijuana is bad..get the hell over it. it's up to the person smoking to make the decision keep your nose out of other peoples many people die from pot? alcohol, cigarettes, even things like over-the-counter TYLENOL kill more a year than pot (pot kills zero). There is not ONE reported death from smoking pure cannabis, thanks.
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For sale 1 barely used whizzanator. Currently a guest of the county. Another fine mess i've got myself into. Once again to smart for my own good.
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We carry the whizzinator as well on our website at Detox For Less

We package it with Quick Fix Synthetic Urine for only $5 more then a regular Whizzinator, saving like $25
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ok I just want to say that over half of the anti-marijuana population don't even realize that growing hemp, aka cannabis-hemp, was required by all farmers, the government even supplied the seeds and the land, so in reality our entire existence in this country is owed to the greatness that is marijuana, and the other half of you haters don't even know anything about it other than that bullshit the anti-drug commercials tell you, or what this fake ass government tells you, don't get me wrong i love good old America, but the hypocritical fucks that run it are another story. if you want to ban something that's a danger to us as a society and as a nation, then do something about all the drunks, id much rather be in a car with someone who is stoned out of their mind, then to ride with someone who just drank a sixer, i mean it really is sad how quickly you all are to just fall in line and believe whatever you are told, OMG the TV just said that marijuana will make you pick up a gun and shoot your friends in the head, well it was on TV so it must be true, right? Give me a break people, while all you idiots are worried about something as petty as a man ( or woman ) smoking a lil weed in their free time, there are real issues that are a threat, look at our economy, look at how great your last republic weed hater ran our country into the ground, but good old Clinton smoked sum weed, he might of denied it, but who can blame him with all your petty asses just waiting to cast judgment on him, like he was a serial killer or some shit. I realize this is an endless battle because the worst thing about Americans is that we tend to just believe what we are told by the "authority". we don't want to actually find the truth for ourselves aside from the select few, but really even if you don't smoke, and don't drink, blada blada ect. who are you you cast judgment on us, I mean god put that plant here, he knew what it did, and if you start about the bible... ha ha blow me, it was a bunch of books wrote by hundreds of different people, slammed together to make a story, the only part of it i believe in is that there's something, someone, or somewhere greater that we get to see once we have passed his test, and i can assure you its not a drug test my friends, its a test about having a good heart, about not judging others , about living for others, not about living to tell others how to live, hell my preacher know I smoke, he don't really seem to care. I mean I'm sure its not for him, but he has never once tried to cast judgment on me for it, all I'm saying is if you get online and look up forums about Marijuana just to judge those who enjoy such a simple aspect of our lives, then you are the ones with the real problems, you are the people who should be concerned, for it just proves how petty you really are, that you would be willing to spend your time away from family and friends just to talk shit to other people, where as I'm just here to try and educate others about TRUTH, REAL TRUTH, so seriously do research about something before you come in telling everyone how they are wrong about the ways they choose to live, I'm not telling you to go and buy marijuana, I'm just telling you that its a choice, one that is not yours to make for other people. And the only reason that marijuana became illegal was to try and incriminate the minorities, I'm sorry all my black and Mexican friends, but due to the fact out government wanted to make you all look like criminals they stopped being pro marijuana and started making false statements that pathetic white America just ate up, and believed every single line, and the only reason it is still illegal is because the government cant find a way to make money off of it like they do with tobacco and alcohol. I'm sorry everyone but that's the REAL TRUTH. Deal with it.
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Perhaps it would be better to address the underlying problem, your drug addiction. I am sure it is caused problems in your life far greater than having to drop. Is the employer really wrong for protecting their interest, customers and equipement from employees whose reflexes and thoughts are altered by mind altering drugs? Deal with that.
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oh really so The Law, Since you Know so much, your telling me that if i smoke a joint.... at home....AFTER work....that somehow I am A danger to the customers and the other employees when I return to work the next day? And actually aside from some I am God thinking Officer Of the Law, Of this oh so free country of ours arresting me for a flake of marijuana the size of a pinhead that God old Inspector Gadget took 4 hours to find after insisting that he knew I had at least 4 pounds in my car, That he never found because it never existed, preceded to slam me to the ground and punch me in my kidneys as he scream into my ear your under arrest for possession of less than 30 grams, but other than having to deal with stupid, ignorant, fucking cops, who just love to get a reason to be a complete prick to anyone they think that they can get by with it with, but yeah no problems other than that little one there, but I do Agree that if an employer thinks an employee is under the influence while at work or sees one using drugs at work they have every right to issue a drug test and then fire them if they are found positive for anything, but i don't think that they should be able to fire the many, many, many, people who are like me, don't get high at or before work, but rather after work, after dealing with all the holier than tho, and the I got more money so I'm better, Or the dumb ass cops that will follow your for 10 blocks right on your ass just hoping that you get nervous and fuck up, just so they can pull you over and make you sit there for another hour while they take their sweet ass time to basically do nothing other than harass someone because they were bored, but when we finally arrive home after dealing with all the dumb shit and the material world, to say that it's wrong for anyone to be able to sit in their house and smoke some marijuana, that it presents some kind of danger, that it puts customers at risk, I mean if you really believe that shit, then you are exactly the kind of dumb ass I was talking about in my last post, you are the same kind of person who fucked the country up in the first place, you are the same as those I believe anything I am told by my government, gullible social rejects that we need out of our government, keep in mind The Law, this is a marijuana issue, none of what I say is in reference to any other drug. but to just fire, or not hire someone because they have marijuana in their system SHOULD be the crime, It's a stupid law, it's a harmless plant, and you are a dumb ass. and that's Still THE REAL TRUTH, deal with it. Dumb ass.... lmmfao
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) are the shit. I completely agree with what you say. The sad thing is we have to buy fake piss in order to pass a drug test of what we smoked 3 weeks ago. That in noway proves it's going to affect how one works at his job. Or makes anybody the least. No...but somebody can go get a bottle of Jack Daniels and rape a woman or get in a fight. If the government has a problem with bud than I suggest just putting the sod companies out of business or chop down all the trees. Marijuana is a fucking seed. Guess what....humans start out as a seed as well. So do Pears, Oranges, etc. you get my point. I do not support any other drug other than weed. All that other shit is gay and if you take Marijuana out of the equation then maybe we can focus on the more hard drugs which actually kill people. Fucking yuppies.
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It's interesting to see the opinions of the ppl who read this, and felt the need to respond. I've been an insomniac ever since I could remember. Options (good ones) are fairly limited. People who don't have severe sleeping problems typically tell me to eat healthy and exercise daily, and I should have an easier time sleeping. Well i work 50 hours a week, lift weights and run 5 days a week, and am the pickiest eater I know. In no way am I complaining about any of that either, I love my life, my wife, my step-son, I just can't seem to drift off into lala land without a solid 3 hours of laying calmly in my bed, and typically never make it to sleep without some sort of 'medication'. My other option is to try prescription medications such as sedatives, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and nonbenzodiazepines, which have become very common recently (and are even abused by many people.) All of which have moderate to severe side effects, and most of which cause the user to become dependent. I've tried almost a dozen of various prescriptions myself, some with minor success and others with very adverse side effects. But none of which work consistently every night. Pot has been my salvation(for sleep). I vaporize every night before bed, and wake up in the morning feeling fresh and renewed, something that none of the prescription drugs offered me. I smoke weed maybe a few times a year other then that. So I have a very minor amount of THC sticking to my membrane walls, call me a "Drugy" or whatever you want, but I would bet I live a much healthier live then the majority of people/'straight edges' and I don't have to spend my time looking down on others to make myself feel better about my life, something I've experienced from a variety of people just b/c i smoke. These are my opinions, and this is my perspective of course, but if we all tried a little bit harder to see life through the eyes of others, and less time judging and being ignorant of others, I think there would be a lot more happiness and love in this would. Who honestly wouldn't mind that?

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i think the govt is just mad b cause they cant tax marajuana. I c nothing wrong w the plant god made all seed bearing plants and herbs to use! i actually think they should legalize it and outlaw alcohol and watch the change, it would b a big 1. also i have never recked a car while stoned but have reaked two cars while i was drunk didnt hurt n e 1 thank god but i was in the country where ther wasnt any 1 around and ive learned my lesson cause now im on probation subject to randome drug screening for two years thanks to alcohol and dui for getting stuck in a ditch. now i cant smoke, now u c why i came to this site take my advice and smoke instead of drink i never had n e trouble b 4 i started drinking, it ruins your life really i cant even drive for 3 months. but n e way thought id share my opinion too. if dumb asses dont like it they can just F O! lol b cause this is the truth. PEACE OUT One life ENJOY IT it is yours and nobody elses, U know what im sayin. =)
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for all you people saying we pot heads have a real problem and need help.... we do we need help getting people like you off are asses about catching a buzz everyounce in a while the wizzinator is a great invention and its not only three days in the question of quitting in case you didnt know the courts fuck you as long as possible not a couple days you dumb asses more like years at a time. weed does not impair it repairs and has many medicinal uses at that, for the peoople that want legalizatioin
or marijuana hotline 1-973-409-3274
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Sad to see so many so called 'Americans' who are willing to sacrifice their privacy and fourth amendment rights all in the name of a barbaric 'war' on drugs. So much for the sacrifices of so many who fought and died to preserve our constitutional rights. I have not, nor will I ever, submit to any kind of drug test and guess what--I don't use drugs!
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to all of you who dont truly keep up with the times we in states like california have medical marijuana laws. however the federal government's anti-drug laws still require those of us who have valid prescriptions to use this medication to go about "cheating" on a pre-employment drug screening. now if i was on the pills that were originally prescribed for me i would be garunteed to have full renal failure by the time i turn 45, but those mind altering drugs like seroquel, depakote, lithium, resperdal, and others aren't considered to be a harm to a business. now will someone explain how uncle sam has the right to tell me "sorry son, but that marijuana that allows you to function in society just isn't good for us. instead take these pills that'll cost your uninsured self hundreds of dollars a month and kill you in 20 years."
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p1p3 - the things you say not only apply to marajuana but to our society as a whole. when people blindly beleive what they are told this puts large amounts of power in the hands of very few people. sounds alot like communism right? our country spening all of its recources fighting stupid things like this instead of looking into alternatives for oil and taking care of poor people. some people are poor by choice by some are not. places like skid row ( i think that whats it called.. its a 4 block radius where 30k... yes that is 30000 homeless people live in cali) never make the news and people never see the poverty in this country!.. there is so much power in so few hands and so many people working so hard for just a little slice of the pie.
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Former President Clinton smoked, Obama has admitted to "inhaling" marijuana as well. Washington, Franklin and many other important people smoked marijuana... are they deadbeats who should be viewed as "bad people". I think not. Just because someone smokes marijuana doesn't mean they are "junkies", maybe they have a legit reason to, granted it's illegal but so is speeding, under aged drinking and not wearing your seat belt... my reason is my dad was an alcoholic and I don't like the side effect from drinking too much so I choose to smoke. Sorry but a person who smokes can function a hell of alot better than a drunk AND you sober up quicker. BUT everyone has their opinions.
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