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I've successfully resisted the temptation to post one of the Bill O'Reilly meltdown videos that have been popping up this week - until now. This one is the funniest of them by far, selon moi, and I simply have to share it. Definitely NSFW and NSFSV (Not Safe for Shrinking Violets). If you enjoy this peek behind the curtain, you'll probably like the Dance Mix version, as well. [ via Viking Youth Power Hour]

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I've never heard liberals use troglodyte as an insult for conservatives, and I've listened to Air America radio since it started up. You're all being super defensive in presuming that anyone who insults papa bear is attacking your political beliefs. Nothing in the whole video comes close to attacking the right wing, and yet here you are acting as if you've personally been insulted here. Back. Off. No one has insulted your beliefs, just this one asshole with his own TV show.
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Geekazoid: in response to the first paragraph of your most recent post, I explained in my previous post that despite whatever meaning you personally ascribe to it, the word "troglodyte" is in fact commonly used as a term of reproach for right wing public figures. I personally don't care much for O'Reilly either, and could care less whether he deserves the label "troglodyte" or not. But don't change your argument and say "even so it doesn't really matter.." - I was simply pointing out that you were mistaken in your repeated statements about the word being apolitical.

It is probably true that certain people here would revel in Hillary or Obama bashing, but many of us simply enjoy this site and complain about the political content mainly because it is not "neat". The Neatorama crew are entitled to post whatever they please, but as someone who regularly enjoys the site, I offer friendly, constructive advice not to poison the atmosphere with injections of schoolyard-taunt politics. If it must be political, at least make it Neato; Stanhope's stale and unfunny links usually have made 500 rounds on the Internet, on Digg, etc. before they arrive here.
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Roger even so it doesn't really matter because regardless of his political affiliation o'reilly is a trogdolyte. I could care less what party or belief he stands for I dislike him immensely as a personality, period.

Funny how people of all political affiliations always want to claim how persecuted they are in the media and whatnot. Really how cares, I'm sure you people here who hate "lefttards" and complain like little kids at every perceived slight here go to websites like free republic or buy books form esteemed authors like ann coulter and laugh a storm and insult liberals with impunity.

And again, how does using a term troglodyte become insulting to some of you when oreilly doesn't even view himself as a conservative and is in fact a registered independent. Heck Fox News has liberals on it too right.

Somehow I'm willing to bet if there were topics here mocking hillary or obama or anyone else, these same complainers like evil pundit would then be nowhere to be found or totally enjoying the festivities. Which is fine by me, any person of any political stripe is fair game if their personality deserves it.

So folks stop crying like a baby and as others have pointed out stay out if you hate it so much.
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Geekazoid, in the insular world of lefty commentators, "troglodyte" is a standard term of insult to imply that right-wing blowhards are in fact knuckle-dragging subhumans. If you Google "troglodyte" and "Rush Limbaugh", "George Bush" or any other "conservative" public figure, you will find endless pouting and venting of hate.

Carruthers, Adam Stanhope doesn't care what you or the others who don't share his views think. As many of the people who have commented here seem to think, if you don't find the same joy in O'Reilly-Bashing, Bush-Bashing, etc., then you thats just because you are a staunch supporter! Its a binary worldview with no nuance or middle ground: either join the cackling crowds endlessly mocking right wing pundits, or stand accused of being a "supporter".

To all you critics of Stanhope: here is no use in trying to argue why this kind of post isn't "neato": Stanhope and Alex wear blinders and intellectual deficits when it comes to politics, you are instantly tuned out as a flag-waving "troglodyte" who loves Bill O'Reilly.
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