World's Worst Moms

Just in time for Mother's Day, TIME magazine has the list of the Best and Worst (Fictional) Moms Ever. Of course, the "Best Mom" list is filled with all sort of wonderful (booring!) mothers, so let's focus on the 10 Worst Moms Ever. For example, take the Mom from Futurama:

She's the richest person on earth, so really, how nice could she be? At the dawn of the 31st century, Mom is the head of Momcorp — the massive industrial corporation that includes such highly successful subsidiaries as Mom's Friendly Robot Co., Mom's Friendly Drug Factories
and Mom's Friendly Advanced Weapon & Munition Co. She maintains a friendly, nurturing public persona — she even does charity work for (in her words) "knocked-up teenage sluts" — but don't be fooled. She's not even really pleasantly plump! Under her fat suit she's whippet-thin.

Mom's business tactics are ruthless — she holds trademarks on the words "Mom," "Love," and "Screen Door" — and her private life isn't much better. She constantly abuses her three sons, Walt, Larry and Ignar, verbally and physically, who respond with fanatical adoration. And if you accept the Futurama comic books as part of the official Futurama canon, she even dated The Simpsons' Mr. Burns. Ugh.


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After reading the last Hollywood edition of Vanity Fair, I am critical of whether or not Joan Crawford the actress deserves to be up on that list, but as a character in Mommy Dearest certainly.

Surely Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Iselin in The Manchurian Candidate deserved to be on the list. Or maybe the mom from Willard or the mother of Frances in Red Dragon.
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And one more comment - as soon as I posted my Family Guy comment, not only did it become a link ad like usual, but it changed the banner ads at the top of the page. I didn't know the ad robot read comments. I guess that's cool.
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Several comments on that:

1. That's Roger Waters, not David Gilmour. Come on - let's get our Pink Floyd straight here. Gilmour was certainly more talented but The Wall is Waters' baby.

2. I love it that Futurama gets the love on lists like this - somehow it missed out on the financial success of Family Guy and the legendary status of the Simpsons but for my money it's as good as either of them.

3. The mother from Jason wasn't a bad mom, she was just a nut. For all we know she was great as a mom. She just murdered everyone else.
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