The Weavers Code, a Conspiracy Theory of the Cathars

In the 11th and 12th century, a Christian sect known as the Cathars swept through France. Amongst other things, they believed that matter was intrinsically evil and that Jesus could not have been both incarnate in the (sinful) flesh and still be the son of God (they believed that he was a prophet and mortal who died on the cross).

The Catholic Church saw the Cathars as dangerously heretical and in 1209, Pope Innocent III launched the Albigensian Crusade to wipe out the Cathars (in which about 1 million people were killed).

Legend has it that four Cathar priests escaped with a sacred scroll, believed to have been written by Jesus himself, and hid pieces of the scroll around the world for safekeeping. They encoded the locations of these scrolls by weaving codes into cloths (Weaving was big for the Cathars - they even called themselves The Weavers).

And now, according to conspiracy theorists, the surviving Cathars/Weavers have initiated a sinister plan that will change the future of mankind....

Here's a short clip at History of the Cathars, which you'll probably find quite entertaining if you like The Da Vinci Code sort of thing: [Flash video] - Thanks Sam Alexander!

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With religion comes the bending of truth and with the bending of truth comes unreal fantasies of what we want to believe is happening or will happen...until every last person has done as much research as historians them selves visited Cathar history in Europe and really looked with a new perspective upon who they were, what they believed, what they are doing, and how they do it then no one her can really go rambling nonsense about the Cathars, "Wanted" is not a good description of who the Cathars were either so dont even start on that. Look them up read up on them and then we may seminar them diligently and find a common understanding. I for one am not Christian or any branch of it I do not believe in God no Jesus however there is no doubt he trod this earth. The Cathars were a group of religious men and women seeking the truth and enlightenment through their own way, sin, but all religions do the same things the Christians are know to teach peace, love, understanding, then why are they the most violent, non extremist, religion known to man. They killed all who they find different or controversial to their beliefs. We owe it to the Cathars to at least learn something about them thats fact not fiction before we go down talking them or supporting them. I'm neither against nor with Christianity but the facts stand true against them. 2012, fantasy or fact, no body knows but before we go making hasty assumptions of it let us look at the probabilities of what it is shall we.

The Analytical Middle Ground,
Please if you have questions or concerns or wish for a page of references, etc. e-mail me i will be happy to help and discuss.
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Here is a "novel" idea if you want the real story of the Cathars....go to a library or bookstore and read a scholarly book i.e. one composed from facts, not fantasy. Some of the these various novels dumping the market of late may be entertaining, may be well written, may even contain some historical facts, but they remain first and foremost works of fiction.

Brad Hoffstetter
Communications Division
Assembly of good Christians
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Cristophe and ARGexpose are right. If you want the real story of the Cathars, check out a new book called The Fire and the Light: A Novel of the Cathars and the Lost Teachings of Christ.
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