Beer Bottle Bricks

In the 1960s, Heineken got the brilliant idea of making square beer bottles ... so that after you're done drinking the beer, you can use the bottles as bricks!

Made in England by Gentlemen blog has the pics of a wall built out of Heinies: Link

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yea this is BITCHIN idea! why the hell hasn't it caught on? all bottle producers should do this, plastic included. it would really cut down on waste in a huge way. you could build entire communities out of recycled bottles. and they would be washed out, of course. it doesn't take days to wash a bottle after it's been used, just rinse it once empty. simple. yea it would suck if the glass bottles broke, but you could easily filly them with a kind of cement. then they would REALLY be bricks. but seriously- if anyone owns a brewery in here, please consider taking on this fantastic idea!
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I remember seeing these on tv (Blue Peter?). I think they were meant to be used in Africa. I a;ways thought they were a great idea and a shame they never caught on. I mentioned them a few weeks ago when discussing this tourist attraction in NZ-
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the guy said on the website that he'd wanna live in a beer bottle house. seriously? I mean, beer bottles stink and all that, I don't think the workers on construction sites really wash their bottles...
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