Time Lapse Video of a Katrina-Damaged Home Tear Down and Rebuild

I don't know why it's so interesting, but it is: Here's a time lapse of a tear down and a modular build of a house damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

No words on how many days it took to tear-down and build (the whole project took 8 months, but that included the time it took to get permits, utility hookups, etc.)

Link [embedded brightcove Flash video] - Thanks Betsy!

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I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where the wind and water damage was worst for Hurricane Katrina. There are a fair number of "Katrina Cottages" being used all over the Coast now. These are prefabricated houses that might be a viable alternative for New Orleans. They are not as large or fancy as the prefab shown in the video; but, they are inexpensive and easy to put on a lot.
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Last March - me, a bunch of people from my school, and people from Rutgers went down to the Ninth Ward in New Orleans to do some relief work after Hurricane Katrina. It took about 20 of us a whole week just to "gut" the inside of one house.

"Gutting" is ripping down all the moldy walls and sheet rock, removing water-damaged furniture, and clothes, and mattresses, and refrigerators (which was the worst smell you could possibly imagine), then putting all of the garbage and debris on the side of the road, and taking out every nail until just the wooden skeleton was visible.

And that was just the first part of the process too. They still had to rebuild the inside of the house, install new plumbing, electricity, windows, doors and roofs...

So just think of the manpower it will take to rebuild the entire city of New Orleans - it took 20 people 7 days just to clean out the inside of one house...

It will take thousands and thousands of volunteers and at least a decade to get things back to normal again...
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