"Could melt Lou Dobbs' heart - if he had one!"

There's some heavy advertising afoot for Under the Same Moon [La Misma Luna] - a Latin-immigration themed movie that has just been released. If Lou Dobbs had tear ducts, it's entirely possible that this movie would make him cry! YouTube.

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I saw this movie already.
it was like ehh
It was a good idea and I wanted to like it, but it was written like a spanish soap opera.

if you want to see a movie about immigration go see
"born in east LA" with Cheech Marin.
You'll probably get more out of that than this undeveloped flick
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im sorry but i think dobbs is right. i cant fly across the US w/o being harassed by the fucking TSA but illegal aliens, and potential terrorists from OTHER countries btw because its all so easy to get into central america, can scoot across the fields like its a free for all. we have laws here. I have to obey them. ytf dont they? and finally, anyone coming over here sporting their homeland tat w/all that pride is an oxymoron. youre just dumb.

the movie is real. i doubt this ad is.
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""Could melt Lou Dobbs' heart - if he had one!""

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