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"Could melt Lou Dobbs' heart - if he had one!"

There's some heavy advertising afoot for Under the Same Moon [La Misma Luna] - a Latin-immigration themed movie that has just been released. If Lou Dobbs had tear ducts, it's entirely possible that this movie would make him cry! YouTube.

Whoa, better watch out, there's sure to be some anti immigrant hate coming this way! I want to see this movie, it kind of reminds me of that classic movie 'El Norte' way back in the early 80's that was very touching and beautiful.
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Allow me to preface my comment by first pointing out that I loved Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Motorcycle Diaries, and El Crimen de Padre Amaro:

Glorifying illegal immigration is not going to help the f@#king problem.
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This movie sounds like a play off of the amazing Latin American film "Central Station," or "Central do Brasil." Most new Latin American films are almost copies (as far as plot and theme goes) of older Latin American films.
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The movie is definitely real. The real trailer uses the same voice and is the same right up to the point where Lou Dobbs is mentioned. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that this version of the video was "real" as well, produced for a specific market.

I, too, remember El Norte from the 1980s. It was a beautiful movie - very moving. I have no doubt that Lou Dobbs missed it.
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I've seen the (much longer) trailer and I don't see what's so sweet about a mom abandoning her child to go to another country. Having a mom around and being poor is better than not having your mom around and having a few extra pesos a month. Boo.
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Is it pro-illegal immigration propaganda? Wow, I was against illegal immigration, but now that I know cute little children are involved everything has changed. Damn the whole idea of national sovereignty, lets let everyone in who wants to come. I know there are laws on the book, but we've been ignoring them so long we may as well just give up the whole idea of "national borders". In fact, let's let children and whoever else in from all over the world. What? are you racist or something? What other possible reason could there be?? Millions upon millions from India, China, all over Africa would like to come here and work. If you have racist concerns over that, just think of the children, would you?. The poor little children.
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I have a little different perspective. My neighborhood is a blue collar multi-culti neighborhood. For 40 years it was a safe neighborhood, in a nice little town.

However in the last five years, a significant number of illegal immigrants have crowded into the apartment complex two blocks away. Gang (MS-13) and other criminal activity in our once quiet little town has increased exponentially. Our schools go on lockdown a couple a times a month as they look for criminals with weapons. We've got day laborers urinating in public and blocking the sidewalks so kids can't walk to school. We've had a some murders, but carjackings, robberies, beatings, rapes and prostitution are more popular crimes.

Older people don't walk like they used to in my neighborhood. The kids don't play or ride their bikes anymore. The police cars and helicopters rushing to capture criminals don't make us feel any safer. I refuse to buy a gun, but some of my neighbors are now heavily armed.

And before anyone calls me a white racist, I would like to point out that we are multiracial. This isn't about race; this is about a culture of lawlessness that illegal immigrants have brought to our neighborhood.
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Yes, but Nina, I think you're missing the point. This is feel-good propaganda for Yankees in NYC, Madison Wisconsin, and so on. There you go again, trying to bring reality into the argument, when they are busy trying to stoke our pity.

But seriously. Could you imagine the reaction if someone made a movie about the intruders in your neighborhood? About the struggling families wondering if they should buy a gun to defend the homes they lived in peaceably for 40 years? Can you imagine the howls of "unfair!", "racist!"? Unfortunately, you just don't fit into the current political storyline. Your not a big fat white guy sent straight from central casting to embody the supposed meanness ascribed to anyone who insists immigrants from Mexico should get in line and fill out paperwork just as those from Tanzania or Poland do. People have decided that your neighborhood just wasn't worth struggling over. Needless to say, people who do not reside there.
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im sorry but i think dobbs is right. i cant fly across the US w/o being harassed by the fucking TSA but illegal aliens, and potential terrorists from OTHER countries btw because its all so easy to get into central america, can scoot across the fields like its a free for all. we have laws here. I have to obey them. ytf dont they? and finally, anyone coming over here sporting their homeland tat w/all that pride is an oxymoron. youre just dumb.

the movie is real. i doubt this ad is.
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I saw this movie already.
it was like ehh
It was a good idea and I wanted to like it, but it was written like a spanish soap opera.

if you want to see a movie about immigration go see
"born in east LA" with Cheech Marin.
You'll probably get more out of that than this undeveloped flick
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