Mike Huckabee's Squirrel Recipe

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Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee told reporters that when he was in college, he and his friends used to cook squirrels in a popcorn popper -- because that was the only appliance they were allowed to use. Slate V's Samantha Henig headed to Central Park intent on discovering whether or not one really could cook a squirrel successfully in a popcorn popper.

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Huckabee must have eaten a lot of Squirrel brains, that would explain a lot. I almost feel sorry for him now. NOT. Idiot.

Rabbit would have been a better replacement for squirrel than chicken. Think about it.
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When were popcorn poppers invented? I don't think the hot-air ones are more than 20 or 25 years old, but I had a popper in the 70s that looked kinda like a curved double boiler, with electrical coils between the two pans (It didn't look anything like the popper in that video; I've never seen one of those). You put the popcorn in it, and some oil, and plugged it in, and it popped them. I guess you could probably fry something up in one.

As for eating squirrel, that was nothing unusual back in my native east Texas, at least not a few decades back. The start of squirrel season in the fall used to be the biggest outdoor event of the year. It kinda compares to what I've read about moose season in Sweden. Everyone, rich and poor, used to head out to hunt squirrels (deer were extremely rare until conservation efforts brought them back in the 60s). There were 'squirrel camps' all over. Fried squirrel with gravy was the main dish, but there were many variations. Personally, I don't get the culinary attraction. Squirrel is very gamey. But hunting them is fun.
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