Wrestling Champ Has No Limbs

As a young boy, Dustin Carter contracted a rare blood disease that ultimately claimed his limbs - all four of them. He grew into a straight "F" student, until one day, he discovered wrestling:

Until eighth grade, when he found, of all things, wrestling. "I felt like at least he'd be out there practicing, participating with the kids, he'll probably never wrestle," his dad said.

But he did wrestle. And what happened? "I got beat pretty bad," he said. "Well, they just get out there and just throw him around on the mat," his dad said. Dustin lost about ever time he set his torso in the ring.

But the competition brought out a side of Dustin no one had ever seen before. "He's got heart. He's got the heart the size of a lion," said Dustin's coach, Nate Horne. "He can persevere through anything." "That's me. I'm a pretty determined person," Dustin said. "I'll sit at something and sit at it for hours until I get it."

Over the years, Dustin trained hard. "I worked out a lot." By all accounts he became a model of self-discipline. His grades went up and he actually started winning. Winning more than anyone, other than Dustin, could have ever imagined.

A fascinating story, as reported by CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman: Link - via metafilter

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I went to school with Dustin for 5 years and he is an amazing athlete. He not only wreastled, he also played football for our High School. He's a really nice guy who is funny and never wants pity or help. Sure he doesn't have arms and legs to pin in a meet, but that doesn't give him an advantage. Iv'e seen him been held in a meet with no trouble. He's had to work twice as hard as everyone else. All around a good guy.
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There is nothing amazing about this at all - in fact, he has a slight advantage, as he has less to be held by an opponent. When was the last time you've had your wrist turned backwards? When was the last time you've had your fingers pinned under by a knee? Exactly.
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There is a similar story of a similarly afflicted guy who is a varsity wrestler, an Abercrombie & Fitch model, motivational speaker and one-time Larry King subject. Although these are no small feats, I hesitate to celebrate. This display is just the freak shows all over again except with better lighting. Their amazing talents make us feel less guilty for staring.
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