No More Wire Hangers!

The Becohanger by Wannabeco is a new clothes hanger made from environmentally-friendly carboard. It is completely biodegradable, and may replace wire hangers in Britain.
"Each year 100 million wire coat hangers are put into UK landfill where they take centuries to degrade - it is this we are trying to prevent," said Alexander Beattie, Head of marketing at Wannabeco.

"We have worked out a way to alleviate this problem as well as provide an innovative and ecologically friendly media space for our advertising clients".

Yes, the hangers will be paid for by advertisers, and distributed to dry cleaners. The ads will be printed with environmentally-friendly ink. Link -via Fark

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Wire hangers are only wasteful if you throw them away, and why would you do that? It's not like they wear out. If you don't abuse them, they should last practically forever.

I've had the same wire hangers for 30 years and I've never thrown one away (although I've had to buy a few new ones as my wardrobe got larger).
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"Environmentally Friendly Ink"=Soy Ink=not really that great! Soy is, as you all surely know, a commonly GM monocultre plant which's cultivation in America is highly dependant on petroleum-based chemical fertilizers and artificial irrigation.

In addition to this, it's not really the BASE of the ink that's toxic anyways- the Soy inks still use the same heavy-metal based, toxic pigments.
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It's not the wire ones that are the problem, it's the plastic sort. I leave them at the shop. We have little use for hangers here - the whole house works on the "One pile for everything, everything in the pile" system.
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"No More Wire Hangers!"

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