Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

Our intrepid writer StacyBee went on a tour of Lizzie Borden's house (now a Bed & Breakfast!) and had this to say about the experience:

You know, as much as I enjoy being creeped out and watching scary movies and reading about the bizarre and macabre and paranormal, I just don't think I could spend the night at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. [...]

People who have stayed there report seeing indentations on the bed like someone has been lying there, when no one has been. And the owner says there's a rocking chair that seems to mysteriously move itself across the room when no one is looking. Lights go on and off (Maybe it's the notoriously cheap Andrew Borden trying to save electricity), cabinets open a shut. Your typical haunted house fare.

Could you stay at the Lizzie Borden B&B, and sleep right next to the spot where Mr. and Mrs. Borden were hacked to death? Brrrr!!!

Link | Lizzie Borden B&B Website

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Billions and Billions of people have lived and died all over the earth for uncountable millennia so aren't we all just a couple feet away from where someone or something has died?
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It wouldn't scare me a bit. Everyone dies somewhere. Murder or natural causes. Death happens and it often happens indoors. If you limit yourself to only sleeping in places that have never been touched by death, you'd be surprised how limited your options are. Unless you're the only occupant ever of a house or apartment or hotel, there's a chance it's been the final residence of someone. And the older a house gets, the better your chances are. I wouldn't,however, pay to stay there. Capitalizing on a tragedy like that is yucky. The Bordens were real people and probably would be creeped out to see the house being treated as some morbid tourist attraction.

And Louise, no, don't tell them. If they live in an old house, they probably get people all the time asking them if it's haunted. I live in an ancient house myself and strangely almost everyone who has ever visited it asked me that.(And no, it's not creepy, just that people associate houses with history as houses with ghosts.) If there is any sort of creepiness in those folks' house, they already know it. They don't need to hear any gorey historical details. If the house doesn't creep them out already, they don't need anyone telling them creepy stories to start causing them to think it should. Funny how the power of suggestion works on that sort of thing.
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