Middle School Banned Farting

Thanks to some gassy eight-grade boys who couldn't keep it to themselves (and instead made it a sport), Camden-Rockport Middle School in Tennessee Maine has now banned farting:

According to this week's Fire Cracker school newsletter though, the joke's on the boys as the penalty for "intentional farting" is now a detention.

"Strange, but true, thanks to a bunch of 8th grade boys, intentional farting has been banned from CRMS," the newsletter said. "It started out as a funny joke and eventually turned into a game. This is the first rule at CRMS that prevents the use of natural bodily functions. The penalty for intentional farting is a detention, so keep it to yourself!"

According to a group of seventh-grade students milling around downtown following Friday's storm-related early release, the eighth-graders' escapades are well known in the school.

http://knox.villagesoup.com/rewrite/108448.htm (Photo: Christian Borstlap and modelmaker Quist, blogged as previously on Neatorama here) - Thanks John!

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Well...This is funny. I am a Camden resident and know the whole story. Farting has not been banned from the school. The 8th graders have a fake newspaper they publish every month and this was one of the 'joke' stories because a student farted in class. The fake paper was brought home and a parent who works for a local paper wrote a story about it. Then other media organizations wrote stories about it as well, without doing any fact checking. It was on the national news and USA Today, all because an 8th grader got a funny idea for a fake classroom newspaper. This just goes to show how much a story can be blown out of proportion and how much research goes into the news that is delivered to the public. Sorry to rain on anyones parade, but this entire story was made up by a 14 year old.
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When I was in fifth grade the teacher used to pull kids out of class into a small adjoining room and leave the rest of us unsupervised. One day this turned into a battle to see who could make the rudest fake fart noises by blowing on their arm. I don't know if she seriously thought we were farting that much (she did have a history of being clueless and nosy, a terrible combination) or if she thought that playing along would teach us a lesson, but when she came back she lined us all up and LECTURED US ON PERSONAL HYGIENE well into recess. All about how as we got older we would find we needed to SHOWER MORE. It was painfully awkward and bizarre. If the principal of that school needs some help, I can probably track her down ;-p
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The news story is bogus. The fire cracker is not a school newsletter but just a gag some 8th grade girls made up.

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