Teenager Makes Parents Proud (NOT)

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Corey Delaney, also known as Corey Worthington of Melbourne, Australia threw a party while his parents were gone. It got out of hand, 500 people showed up, and eventually involved the police. Corey appeared on a news show to talk about it, but the desire to remain cool trumped his remorse. Gawker has a timeline tracking how the video became an instant worldwide viral hit. Link (warning: post contains an autoplay radio show near the bottom)

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While the woman was obviously lacking in professionalism, it does not dismiss the core fact that the kid does not show any remorse for costing his family $20,000 in fines.

He's pretty much the typical contemporary teenager: Entitled, unapologetic, and more concerned with being liked than being responsible...but is that his fault or his parents'?

No kid does this while the parents are away without some responsibility bearing on the parents, which is why they are the ones being fined.
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@ Tiago...

You may want to consider replacing the "fag" part with "predator", "molester", or "rapist". I don't want to come off like any old cop for fags, but your delivery sucked old fag...
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what's wrong with most of the people commenting here?

Oh the "reporter" was not his mom.. phhhh what are you? 13 years old?

I also don't think the stupid kid deserves any media attention, besides the so called "reporter" didnt force him to do nothing, she was right saying he could have seized that chance to say sorry...
of course, sorry with that kind is as good as saying fuck you all.

But i guess a lot of people seem to agree.. "fuck order" that made me laugh... pseudo-anarchists, that dont like "order", cause its "cool", i'd like to see them being raped by some kind of twisted old fag, and then saying they didnt wanted him in jail... nahh fuck order right? it is indeed true that "The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity."
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