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Teenager Makes Parents Proud (NOT)

(YouTube link)

Corey Delaney, also known as Corey Worthington of Melbourne, Australia threw a party while his parents were gone. It got out of hand, 500 people showed up, and eventually involved the police. Corey appeared on a news show to talk about it, but the desire to remain cool trumped his remorse. Gawker has a timeline tracking how the video became an instant worldwide viral hit. Link (warning: post contains an autoplay radio show near the bottom)

this is so hilarious! i also hate how the newscaster is trying to force an apology from him under her terms....why do newscasters do this? glad he didn't take off his glasses....
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Arrogant little dickweed.
Not the first time that a 'party' has turned out bad, but of course, since the perp is an Australian, we can all indulge in our fantasies about that great big country and it's appalling populace.
Fact is, would you want to live in the street where this happened..?
Little toerag should be tarred, feathered, run out of town on a rail, hung, drawn, quartered, made to apologise, neutered, made to apologise gaain and deported to a place where there are no fawning media to make this social retard into some kind of 'celebrity'...
And he should have those camp sunglasses surgically removed - they're so girly...
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The news today says that this kid and another teen have been arrested for making child porn, they were filming the acts at the party is what was alluded too.
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hahaha... that kids the man... if only because he didn't let that high & mighty newscaster push him around.

She's as big of a douche as she is, who elected her queen of the world?
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haha, this guy is awesome.

he's right, he's not responsible for the asshats in the street. he just started a party.

and he did say sorry, but he just didn't take off the glasses. who can blame him? they're famous glasses.
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Saying that he is not responsible for the damage done is like saying cult leaders are not responsible for mass suicides.

kids show less and less respect for other people and it is much easier for them to blame others instead of take responsibility.
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I can't express how proud I am of my own son right now. I hope this kid has at least 5 or 6 kids of his own someday. And I hope they all raise HELL!!
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The lady interviewing him is hardly a newscaster. ACA and Today Tonight are like the Australian equivalent of Jerry Springer. They get all the worst people in Australia on those shows and give them their 15 seconds of fame.
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I agree with aussie. ACA is basically a sensationalist tabloid journalist joke. The best thing the media could do is ignore this arrogant little prat, but sure enough, he gets the media attention he thinks he deserves. I think he's just taking the piss. That's exactly what I would do if it were me. I hate those shows.
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That kid got the experience of a lifetime and its made him a celebrity and his parents or insurance will probably foot most of the bill. Looks like its all good for him.
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Love the nipple ring. Nice to see him go all out for the interview. And what's with the streaking clip?

I can understand how it got on a crappy tv show, I guess. But, how did it get to be worldwide?

And who died and made her the Holier-Than-Thou Queen?
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Arrogant kid.
Arrogant Reporter.

I'm going to have to say the kid wins. He got fame, and the reporter just ended up looking like a control freak.

*old man voice* But if that lil basta'd gets near my lawn, with those parties, I'll be sickin' the dawgs on em.
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What were his parents thinking? Leaving a 16yo at home while they go swanning off on holidays. Twits like that should be made to pay full restitution on their children's behalf.
I think the young fellow has a bright future, I hope he can avoid the idiots who've been threatening him.
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she is being a bit of a prick here.

If you are interviewig someone how do you get to tel them how to dress?

Yeah he's 16, but who on earth does she think SHE is?

The worst thing is that this sort of Wowserism is so prevalent in the Australian media.

They are proffesionaly outraged.
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haha.. hilarious. the newscaster had no real right to try and drag an apology out of him. she's not his mom. at the same time, he doesn't have to act like a snob and prove to the audience that he's cooler than the glasses he was wearing.
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what's wrong with most of the people commenting here?

Oh the "reporter" was not his mom.. phhhh what are you? 13 years old?

I also don't think the stupid kid deserves any media attention, besides the so called "reporter" didnt force him to do nothing, she was right saying he could have seized that chance to say sorry...
of course, sorry with that kind is as good as saying fuck you all.

But i guess a lot of people seem to agree.. "fuck order" that made me laugh... pseudo-anarchists, that dont like "order", cause its "cool", i'd like to see them being raped by some kind of twisted old fag, and then saying they didnt wanted him in jail... nahh fuck order right? it is indeed true that "The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity."
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@ Tiago...

You may want to consider replacing the "fag" part with "predator", "molester", or "rapist". I don't want to come off like any old cop for fags, but your delivery sucked old fag...
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While the woman was obviously lacking in professionalism, it does not dismiss the core fact that the kid does not show any remorse for costing his family $20,000 in fines.

He's pretty much the typical contemporary teenager: Entitled, unapologetic, and more concerned with being liked than being responsible...but is that his fault or his parents'?

No kid does this while the parents are away without some responsibility bearing on the parents, which is why they are the ones being fined.
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