Yasgur’s Farm

Have you ever thought about owning a piece of real estate history?
On August 15, 1969, a farmer named Max Yasgur addressed one of largest assemblies ever to gather when he addressed the crowd at the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in the name of peace, love and music.

Mr. Yasgur, now a cultural icon, allowed 40 acres of his 1,100 acre farm in upstate New York, to be used for Woodstock, thus making the musical and cultural event of the century possible.

Today, the home, barn and lands of the world’s most celebrated farmer can be yours, as the “For Sale” sign has gone up on the original homestead of Max Yasgur.

$8,000,000 and it’s yours. http://www.joshpeproperties.com/details.php?p=19 -via Metafilter

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Oh no! My camp used to get milk from Yasgur Farms, too. And I am the proud owner of one of those tie-dyed Yasgur Farms shirts.

I drive by the farm on my way to camp every summer...looks pretty much like a farm, except there are two huge hippie statues by the road.
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Oh how I'd love to be the listing agent on that one! I'd have to ask for a price reduction, though. Ya know, the market's kinda bad...maybe we should drop it to $500,000, whaddya say?
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I worked as a camp counselor last summer in Middletown, New York. Our milk came from Yasgur's Farm, and on the side of the cartons they had ads for tie-dyed shirts. I thought it was pretty funny, to be a dairy farm that sold tie-dyed shirts. They included a little of the history, so I knew there was a reason behind the shirts, but still...
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Wow! Only eight dollars!? That's amazing.

When the previous generation complained about how the younger ones copied them and made a sorry ass sequel...but heh, I don't know, I wasn't there.
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