Archive for December 19th, 2007

It's Like Law & Order, But With Chickens

div#main{overflow:visible;}[Video Link] Like most people, I wake up in the morning and think: why hasn't our advanced civiliation created a chicken version of Law & Order.  I mean, like, there's every othe...

Attack of the Killer Parasites

(YouTube link) The only thing stranger than making a video trailer for a magazine article is the subject of that article... Killer Parasites. Ransom Riggs at mental_floss created this trailer completely out of publi...

World's Scariest Roads

Dark Roasted Blend has part five of a series of posts on the World’s Scariest Roads. These hairpin curves are part of a military road in China, and there are no guardrails. Click the links at the bottom of t...

Swimming Sloth

(YouTube link) I didn’t know sloths could swim, but according to Wikipedia, most mammals can swim by instinct if they need to. This little guy does a pretty good job, although slowly as you would expect. The video...


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