Swimming Sloth

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I didn’t know sloths could swim, but according to Wikipedia, most mammals can swim by instinct if they need to. This little guy does a pretty good job, although slowly as you would expect. The video was recorded near Isla Cristobal in Panama. -via Arbroath

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this sloth is a friend of mine, he told me he dropped something into the water that day and was searching for it, then that bitch took it away and he never find it back to the spot.........well, thanks bitch....
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Perfect example of why the world generally has negative stereotypes of Americans.

John Lennon said it best... "Let it be".

An over-moneyed "big ugly dumb North American" who is "out boating" sees a native animal doing what it is supposed to do, and has to molest it.

Look, but don't touch.
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i want a sloth as a pet soo bad.. they sleep somewhere around 20 hours a day, but if you've ever seen one sleeping, it's cuteness alone is reason enough to own one. i want to name him frank. or hector.
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It takes sloths an inordinately long time to drown because of their slow metabolisms. They are actually really good swimmers, it just takes them long time to get where they are going. (Thank you Animal Planet!)
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