World's Scariest Roads

Dark Roasted Blend has part five of a series of posts on the World’s Scariest Roads. These hairpin curves are part of a military road in China, and there are no guardrails. Click the links at the bottom of the post to see scary roads in other parts of the world. Link

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Hi Mr the administrator of the site,

I'm french, and I'd like to use one of these pictures of amazing roads in a book. Is it free of use ?

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The Himalaya is riddled with roads such as this, although this is an extreme example.

I've spent some time in Kashmir and Ladakh. Some of the roads there would turn your hair white.
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The photo is not shopped. It can be found in the WWII Time-Life series volume "China-Burma-India". It is a shot of part of the China-Burma road built by the Allies so they could cut down on dangerous flights over the Himalayas (The Hump) and transport more material faster to the theatre with less cost.
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Ted, I don't understand people like you. If you think it looks photoshopped, awesome for you. But there are probably just as many people out there (if not more) that look at a picture and think 'real. this picture looks real simply because it is realistic.' But no one else says these stupid comments, because we realize how idiotic that would seem if we said so. So why the unnecessary "shopped?" You are like the person that would ruin Christmas for a four year old by telling him that there is no Santa Claus. What I'm really trying to say is, even if you are positive that it is fake and photoshopped, don't look at it, don't tell us about it, and don't worry about it.
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