Clever Ad for Vodka

Ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, won a Grand Clio Award for this cleverly subversive (and naughty!) print ad series for New Zealand vodka 42 Below. This one above is titled "Transvestite," and tells the dangers of drinking too much.

Gallery of Winners - via reddit

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Rachel, I know this whole discussion is really old, but I just saw your comment and felt like I should respond.

So, you go out and people don't hassle you. Hooray for you. I can't say that I've been hassled much to my face, either. But this isn't about our individual, face-to-face encounters with the public, it's about the representation and treatment of trannies in general. Even if one woman has never been sexually harrassed at work, she has no right to claim sexual harrassment just doesn't happen. Even if one black guy has never been hassled by cops, that diesn't mean racial profiling isn't a very real problem.

We both know that trannies are all too often depicted as jokes or serial killers in the media. So, you personally get along fine with people. Hooray for you. But trannies are routinely beaten and killed in this country, and "funny" ads suggesting that we're sneaking around "fooling" guy (and that nothing could be more disgusting) do play a part in American's marginalization and general sorry-ass treatment of people like us. One joke is just a joke. But this is joke number 999999999999 about how gross and sneaky we are. To hell with that.

You suggest that some people need to "get over themselves." Look in the mirror, hon. No, on second thought... STOP looking in the mirror and look around at the rest of the world.
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I'm a tranny and don't find the ad amusing or offensive.

It's an ad for god sake. Some people just need to get over themselves or seek a counsellor.

Also, I can assure you whether you're talking about TS, TV or crossdresser we don't go out to deceive people as to who we are. What assumptions you make are down to you - take responsibility for them.

Of course, transgendered people should always declare their hand if someone seems genuinely interested in taking a things further (that's just courtesy), but if we're being realistic very, very few transgendered people are actually fooling anyone, because if the looks don't give them away the voice usually does.

Personally, I've never had any issues with the public when I go out. Yes, they may snigger behind my back, but the majority are pleasant enough, and I'm usually with friends having a good time anyway. The public don't bother me and I don't care if I bother them.

Like I said, "Get over it.".
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Nice article!

Check out my website, VodkaRanking; that attempts to list all the existing/known vodkas and rank them according to their taste hopefully becoming an official top vodka ranking list.
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