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Clever Ad for Vodka

Ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, won a Grand Clio Award for this cleverly subversive (and naughty!) print ad series for New Zealand vodka 42 Below. This one above is titled "Transvestite," and tells the dangers of drinking too much.

Gallery of Winners - via reddit

Speaking as an actual tranny, this kind of thing is INCREDIBLY annoying and tedious, even when it's presented through little picture puzzles. That whole idea of some poor, poor guy getting home to discover that a naughty transgendered person "tricked" him. I'm not as uptight about this stuff as a lot of trannies, but it is a pain in the ass to see people like you depicted as a gross-out punchline over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

"Dangers". Thank you very much.
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Ursula, have you ever thought that it's funny cause it's true, and it's a "gross-out punchline" cause trannies are genuinely gross?

Stop trying to get people to accept your messed up worldview.
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you're one to talk about "a pain in the ass"! ;) just kidding.

folks need to lighten up. i'm a diabetic, but if the ad was about a diabetic drinking too much and being dead and attracting a lot of flies by the last frame, it would not offend me...
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@Ursula -
Transgendered people are people too. And I know jokes about them can get tiresome. I'm not one (I'm 'just' a guy who like guys), but I know, and you should know, when you have a lifestyle thats out of the norm, your going to have to put up with some flak from the norm. Unfortunatly, that's human nature.

But it may feel better to think of it this way. It's not the transvestive that's 'naughty', it's the *dishonest* transvestite that is. People don't like to be suprised when it comes to sexuality, plain and simple.
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As someone who is female transexual, I think a lot of people here do not know what they are talking about.

As just a guy said, Transgendered are people too.

(Transgendered is a blanket term for transexual, transvestitie, cross-dressers)

There is a big difference between Transexual and transvestite. Transexuals are women born in the wrong body, where as a transvestite is a man who identifies as male, but who likes dressing in female clothes.

I bet most of you have come across a transexual at some point in your life and not known it.

BTW, statistic's show that 1 in 3 men have transgender issues, be they transexual, transvestite, or a cross-dress. Think about that next time you are out with your buddies, your best friend may be someone who is dealing with trans issues on a daily basis.
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Nobody can really claim to be any more normal in their lives or sexual predilections than anyone else. There's always something in a person's life that others will sneer at and consider "vulgar" or "gross". Even the most puritanical people have their vices. They simply repress them and take out their frustrations in other ways.
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This stuff is only funny if the idea of a cute girl with a wang freaks you out, and a cute girl with a wang only freaks you out if you are one seriously repressed homo. Since America is one vast, seething cauldron of repressed gayness, this stuff NEVER gets old.

Although it's an endlessly popular joke, in real life, trannies don't go to regular bars and just pick up random straight guys. Know why? Because doing that can get you seriously hurt or quite possibly killed. Just walking down the freaking street can get you killed. (

Brandon Teena was "tricking" people, too.
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@Sally: 1 in 3 men have transgender issues? That seems overly high to me (like the oft repeated 10% of men are homosexuals). Which study are you referring to?
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If you look at the other ads in this series, they're really kinda offensive, e.g., the image of a rooster for "cock", the image of a cat for "pussy".

A former co-worker of mine knew some cross-dressers who were prostitutes. They did straight men in cars. I don't know if the johns knew, if they didn't care, or if they just closed their eyes and pretended.

1 in 3? Why do people always quote statistics they hear in passing as fact?
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I'm not trying to be mean to transgenders or transvestites, but if I took a woman home to discover that she had a cock, I would be pretty pissed off. I don't think I'd be freaked, but great tits and a large wang are items that you don't really want to see together when you're expecting otherwise.

Coincidentally, a few weeks ago I did bring a girl back to my house who was once a boy. However, a mate did let me know a few hours beforehand - I dragged her back along with all my other mates for an afterparty.
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@just a guy-

All I heard was...

Transgendered people are people too. And I know jokes about them can get tiresome. I’m not one (I’m ‘just’ a guy who like guys), I'm gey I'm gey I'm gey I'm gey My But hurts I'm gey


WTF are you talking about. first off, this stuff should not even be the basis of a "study" and first off stop making up false numbers without a reff. and first off shut up.


Wow, the have a site devoted to dead trannys...I guess cool? Don't know really how to respond to that one.

It's a funny add. It made me laugh and want to be worried about bars that look like they are paired up to firehouses
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I should have picked a cool name like you, "Mr. Kotter".

"IdDoUrsula"... Er, thanks, but I think our love is doomed. After all, I don't know if I could ever be Mrs. Ursula IdDoUrsula.
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Nice article!

Check out my website, VodkaRanking; that attempts to list all the existing/known vodkas and rank them according to their taste hopefully becoming an official top vodka ranking list.
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I'm a tranny and don't find the ad amusing or offensive.

It's an ad for god sake. Some people just need to get over themselves or seek a counsellor.

Also, I can assure you whether you're talking about TS, TV or crossdresser we don't go out to deceive people as to who we are. What assumptions you make are down to you - take responsibility for them.

Of course, transgendered people should always declare their hand if someone seems genuinely interested in taking a things further (that's just courtesy), but if we're being realistic very, very few transgendered people are actually fooling anyone, because if the looks don't give them away the voice usually does.

Personally, I've never had any issues with the public when I go out. Yes, they may snigger behind my back, but the majority are pleasant enough, and I'm usually with friends having a good time anyway. The public don't bother me and I don't care if I bother them.

Like I said, "Get over it.".
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Rachel, I know this whole discussion is really old, but I just saw your comment and felt like I should respond.

So, you go out and people don't hassle you. Hooray for you. I can't say that I've been hassled much to my face, either. But this isn't about our individual, face-to-face encounters with the public, it's about the representation and treatment of trannies in general. Even if one woman has never been sexually harrassed at work, she has no right to claim sexual harrassment just doesn't happen. Even if one black guy has never been hassled by cops, that diesn't mean racial profiling isn't a very real problem.

We both know that trannies are all too often depicted as jokes or serial killers in the media. So, you personally get along fine with people. Hooray for you. But trannies are routinely beaten and killed in this country, and "funny" ads suggesting that we're sneaking around "fooling" guy (and that nothing could be more disgusting) do play a part in American's marginalization and general sorry-ass treatment of people like us. One joke is just a joke. But this is joke number 999999999999 about how gross and sneaky we are. To hell with that.

You suggest that some people need to "get over themselves." Look in the mirror, hon. No, on second thought... STOP looking in the mirror and look around at the rest of the world.
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