Man Refused Surgery for Religious Reason, Face Got Swallowed by Bloody Tumors

Thirty seven years ago, back when he was 14 years old, a bloody tumor appeared on Jose Mestre's lip. Because of his religion (Jose is a Jehovah's Witness) prohibition on blood transfusion and distrust of doctors, Jose refused to undergo surgery to remove the growths - until now.

Unsuccessful and unhappy visits to Germany and Spain in search of medical care in his youth have left him with a distrust of doctors. This, combined with his loyalty to his mother's faith, and concerns about life without the mask to which he has become accustomed, appear to have instilled Jose with a sullen fatalism about his condition.

His inertia has infuriated his close family, who do not share Jose's religious beliefs. Jose himself, although a Jehovah's Witness, does not attend any church.

During the consultation with Dr Hutchison in London, Jose's sister Guida reacted with exasperation her brother's initial reluctance to discuss the offer of a transfusion-free operation.

"Die alone, not with me. For me, finished," she cried, in dramatic footage to be broadcast for the first time this week. Guida shoulders much of the burden for caring for Jose.

Telegraph has more on this amazing story: Link (with video), photo: Discovery Channel - Thanks Emperor!

Note: Dr. Hutchison, a maxillofacial surgeon, also runs Saving Faces charity, which focuses on facial reconstructions and surgeries.

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I saw the show on TLC and his sister has been taking care of him all his life and saved money to take him to a DR. in London. They get there and he decides against the surgery because they need to do blood transfusions. Because he's a Jehovas Witness, he refused, so they said they could still do it in small sessions. He had still not decided and his poor sister was really mad. The last I heard he agreed to the surgery but now there is word that he died having it done. I don't know.
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Jehovah's Witnesses do not refuse medical treatment - ony blood transfusions. There is no religious reason why he should refuse an operation with a non-blood transfusion. He makes all of the JWs look bad.
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