Ghostly Gas Station Cloud

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A ghostly image has been observed by both witnesses and by security cameras. Surveillance video at a gas station in Parma, Ohio shows a “blue cloud” hovering over the pump area. Some people think it’s a ghost or an angel, but no explanation has been found so far. Link to story. -via Arbroath

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I can't see why people think this is some kind of supernatural phenomenon. Open your eyes and you will see it is indeed an insect. When you watch the video try to think of it in 2d, walking on a flat screen, and you can see the insects movements quite easily. It's only when you look at the video in 3d that the "blue cloud" seems to come closer and further away. Look here, that boy knows about "ghosts"
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Here is something for all you hard core people who believe this is it and nothing more. Close your eyes and try to comprehend absolute oblivion or nothingness. Can you do it? If you are honest and a bit intelligent you will have a conflict within you because you exist therefore how can there be nothingness?? Oblivion and existence can not go together...To have oblivion and then existence means there was something there to create existence. This lead to the conclusion that there must be a realm with no time dimension, but how can this be? It must be pure energy with no loss, and hence no entropy and no time. It does not reside in this dimension just as the force of gravity nor a point charge. Physics only explains what we can observe and uses mathematic symbols to define relationships between observations. It does not give the understanding beyond this. If you are wise and grasp this you will understand that energy is not always physical or in this plane. You will also realize that a higher form of energy resides within us all and is there to bring you to a higher order! ENLIGHTENMENT! OPEN YOUR EYES! Do not be so shallow. We all will go on but the only hell there is, is the one we create for ourselves in our own realities. Forgive yourself and love and you will go very far in this world and beyond.
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To all who keep saying it’s something on the camera...Look at the lady in the car checking it out! Think people think! It is a very strange energy field, possibly from another dimension. String theory points to them, so all you scientist out there here is my take...As entropy increases in this plane perhaps other dimensional energies are becoming relatively stronger and its phase relationships are becoming closer to our own. I think there will be many more because our energy is rapidly losing strength. Chaos can only get stronger now so there is a need for an outside energy source. Quit being so afraid of everything! Any takers??

Yes I am Gnostic
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It isn't fair to insinuate that the people who think it's a ghost or an angel are stupid. Maybe they just want to be part of something mysterious. I say we let them have their magic.
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