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Ghostly Gas Station Cloud

(Live Leak link)

A ghostly image has been observed by both witnesses and by security cameras. Surveillance video at a gas station in Parma, Ohio shows a “blue cloud” hovering over the pump area. Some people think it’s a ghost or an angel, but no explanation has been found so far. Link to story. -via Arbroath

It really depends on how many credible eye witnesses there were. We can't rule out a new lifeform we haven't discovered, either from here or elsewhere. On the other hand it would be an easy easy photoshop job. Clerk doesn't seem like he's lying though.
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SecretSoul, I missed that at first, too. But it seems like IF there were eyewitnesses, there should be other videos or photos, since so many people have cellphone cameras. It might be a case of people remembering being there at that time, and suddenly recalling something strange. Who knows? If its only on the security camera, there would be all kinds of reasonable explanations.
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Miss Cellania, you're totally right. Like Patrick said, it all depends on how credible the witnesses (if they really exist) are.

John, this was also seen on India?! Where did you see that?
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I mean, who would believe all those people would hang out in a gas station...

But that blue stuff is most certainly real. They better call the CIA and the government right now!
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"this was, like, a[n] old indian reservation, from what i understand. i've lived here for thirty-some years."

obviously, it's indian ghosts hanging out at the gas station.
it can't be, like, a bug on the camera lens or anything.
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Ok, listening to it again, it says nothing about eyewitnesses seeing the phenomena. Nor does the story on the station website. All it says is that they've seen the video (although the story on the website is badly calls them witnesses, but all they've witnessed is the video, as is obvious by the clip).

Also, the "phenomena" never changes it's plane. That is, it never gets bigger or smaller, as an object would if it were moving in a three dimensional stays the same size throughout the footage, whether it's moving, or just "sitting on the car's windshield".

As was stated in the first comment, it's something on the glass of the protective housing over the camera. Probably some small bug crawling around on it that's much too close for the fixed focus lens to capture clearly. Thus it looks much larger than it actually is, and blurry.

And people wonder why I have no respect for the "news".
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It's so easy to make people see what they want to see. That's why eyewitness testimony is considered sketchy at best. The "eyewitnesses" are seeing the video imagery, not some actual event. The "cloud" is even the same color as the backlit Marathon sign. It's definitely a bug in front of the lense, reflecting the sign light.
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I bet some of the witnesses they interviewed had more reasonable explanations (like,as many have observed here, it was something on the lens). That footage was probably cut from the piece because it'd ruin their ghost story. Makes you wonder what else is getting cut from the news.
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"Groups of 'amazingly stupid people who barely have enough IQ to breathe' have traveled to the gas station after word spread of the unexplained event."

Fixed it.
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Its a bug on the camera, i reckon a silverfish ( I find them in my shed all the time, and as soon as is saw the video, the shape, and the way it moved reminded me of silverfish straight away.
Is just because it is on the camera lens and it can't focus on it properly so it looks blurred or "hazy" like a ghost.
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I wonder if the owner actually believes its a ghost or is just hoping to sell more gas with the hype.

lol @ nimeye!

I wonder how many people actually get that reference!
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It's a HUMMINGBIRD you can make out the wings and beak when it fly's away. Also it isn't "sitting" on the car its just under the camera and only the head of the bird is showing. Which explains the blue color, because lens couldn't focus on it being too close. And it probably thought the camera was a nectar feeder.
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Hey Joe,

GMA used your joke this morning! "It's the ghost of gas under 1.50" Go figure. I thought it was funnier when I read it here yesterday.

By the's a bug.
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I think its rediculous how people shove off the possibility of it being an insect purly because it is blue. If you look, the colors that the security camera pick up are incorrect. When the reported is speaking to the security camera, her suit appears indigo or blue. However, when the camera switches to the one the news station uses, she is wearing red. Clearly, the only reason this "ghost" is blue is because of poor color quality on the security camera. My theory? A moth.
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i totally agree with chris, the way it moves points quite clearly to a silverfish. given the resolution of the camera it most likely has a considerable small lense, therefor the size of the silverfish on the glass would fit as well. and great observation on the colorshift, gabi.
but maybe, just maybe, it was an extraterrestrial silverfish, or even the ghost of one. we will never know...
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It isn't fair to insinuate that the people who think it's a ghost or an angel are stupid. Maybe they just want to be part of something mysterious. I say we let them have their magic.
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To all who keep saying it’s something on the camera...Look at the lady in the car checking it out! Think people think! It is a very strange energy field, possibly from another dimension. String theory points to them, so all you scientist out there here is my take...As entropy increases in this plane perhaps other dimensional energies are becoming relatively stronger and its phase relationships are becoming closer to our own. I think there will be many more because our energy is rapidly losing strength. Chaos can only get stronger now so there is a need for an outside energy source. Quit being so afraid of everything! Any takers??

Yes I am Gnostic
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Here is something for all you hard core people who believe this is it and nothing more. Close your eyes and try to comprehend absolute oblivion or nothingness. Can you do it? If you are honest and a bit intelligent you will have a conflict within you because you exist therefore how can there be nothingness?? Oblivion and existence can not go together...To have oblivion and then existence means there was something there to create existence. This lead to the conclusion that there must be a realm with no time dimension, but how can this be? It must be pure energy with no loss, and hence no entropy and no time. It does not reside in this dimension just as the force of gravity nor a point charge. Physics only explains what we can observe and uses mathematic symbols to define relationships between observations. It does not give the understanding beyond this. If you are wise and grasp this you will understand that energy is not always physical or in this plane. You will also realize that a higher form of energy resides within us all and is there to bring you to a higher order! ENLIGHTENMENT! OPEN YOUR EYES! Do not be so shallow. We all will go on but the only hell there is, is the one we create for ourselves in our own realities. Forgive yourself and love and you will go very far in this world and beyond.
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I can't see why people think this is some kind of supernatural phenomenon. Open your eyes and you will see it is indeed an insect. When you watch the video try to think of it in 2d, walking on a flat screen, and you can see the insects movements quite easily. It's only when you look at the video in 3d that the "blue cloud" seems to come closer and further away. Look here, that boy knows about "ghosts"
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