Leaping Lemurs

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Sifaka lemurs of Madagascar get around by leaping. This clip from the BBC show "Weird Nature: Marvelous Motion" compares their movement to ballet, but it’s also reminiscent of a martial arts movie. -via Arbroath

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A quick follow-up.

I'm not going to research this any further and I definitly don't want to nag about this anymore. No reason to start bickering about something like this. :)

As i previously mentioned, I have a hard time believing that lemurs could leap up to 30 meters. 30 meters (about 100 feet) is a hell of a long distance, in fact it's about 60 times the lenght of the animal itself.

Wikipedia says Sifaka lemurs can leap up to 10 meters from one tree to another, this seems more realistic. My guess is the producers of the show made a mistake (perhaps even deliberately) and stated the distance in meters instead of feet, as 10 meters is about 30 feet.
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these guys are actually quite large when you see them, and when they 'dance', as the tourists say, they can jump over a standing human, and yes, they can jump 30 meters, they launch themselves from a higher branch to a lower one on another tree but still travel like 15-20m in the air between branches.
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"“They can leap 30 meters with ease.”"
"That statement can’t possibly be true, can it?"

Yes, when leaping from the top to the bottom of a 30 meter tree.
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