Dumbledore Pride T-Shirt

Craig Zucker of Dumbledore Pride wrote to us about their new t-shirts ("Dumbledore's Army: Don't Ask, Do Tell" and "Wizards are Gay") now available for sale: Link - Thanks Craig and way to capture the new Internet meme!

Previously on Neatorama: Dumbledore was Gay, said JK Rowling

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No probs, Alex. It just threw me off. I didn't see that "moderating" comment like before.

As for this post, I left out Captain Ahab's name. Oops.
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@ted - sorry about the filter! It's a built-in Wordpress function that works pretty well in trapping nonsense comments, but every now and then got a valid comment put into moderation.

I try to clear the moderation queue several times a day (less the past couple of days due to the fire business).
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Man, this filter business. So the original comment DID go through.

"wat r u talking about ted?
j.k rowling is a great writer, and ur stereotyping gays!!
and u not having an inkling about dumbledore being gay doesn’t really say much, as u dont seem that smart"

Thanks for your insight, alexa. I'm devastated that I don't appear that smart to you, of course, but I'll try to live on.

How am I stereotyping gays? By assuming that not every relationship between two (fictional, of course) people of the same gender is sexual? I just didn't get that from any of the books, and if the allusions were there (as some people say, NOW, after the announcement), they were too subtle for me. Not that we need to be hit over the head with sledgehammers, but it really wasn't that obvious.

Why is JK Rowling not great? Well, that's a subject for another book. She's not a bad author, but she's not "great". She tends to waste pages on useless stuff in the middle, then pack things in towards the end.

I say Captain was gay - he was chasing after that big Moby Dick.
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I'm a man without any concerns for sexual inuendos, especially gay inuendos. Qualify me basic, I'm totally not on the bashing side, more on the WGAS side, everybody is free. When I read the books, it really did not cross my mind : you have good wizards, dark wizards, good turning bad, etc, like the force thing in Star Wars. I didn't feel there was more to understand. Anyway, he's gay now. Whatever. Good story.

Now I wonder : is Yoda gay? ;)
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