The Office Stash: Camouflaged Beer and Alcohol Storage

Here's an ingenious way to camouflage your beer fridge at work to hide the stash from co-workers! Link, via Zedomax and Make - Thanks Tonya Howell!

Or how about hiding in plain sight? (Featured before on Neatorama a while ago, but the link had gone bad) so here it is again, courtesy of Tonya, who got it in an email (erhm, are you sure it's not your office we're looking at, Tonya?):

In the event of an office emergency, consult the red binder:

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Hi guys, this is awesome. We have three of these set up in the office. Including 1 for senior management.

Greg, your comment was made at 3pm on a friday and by all accounts should be a normal work day. How about you focus on the task at hand rather than us piss head alcoholics. ;)
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I second greg. To his defense, since when has drinking become a requirement to being relaxed and cheerful? You guys are so blind with your beer bottles that you have no idea how others enjoy their life without it. And that bothers you? So go ahead force down your shots so you can gain enough courage or should I say, lose enough sense of mind to be relaxed.
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For what it's worth, all of you need to "lighten up". I certainly hope this is a real joke and not something actually put to use. As a person who rarely drinks alcohol, it is humerous, but obviously sad that most of you all think it is really CooL. I agree with Greg -- get a work life, not an alcoholic life.
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