Transparent Toaster

This looks like a wonderful idea. You can see how brown your toast is getting, so you won’t be surprised by burnt toast. Too bad it’s only a concept, since glass can’t get hot enough to toast bread ...yet. -via Engadget

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Hey I'm all for cool looking industrial design, but if it isn't at all feasible b/c of the materials used (glass can't get hot enough) what's the point really. If I can ""design" a cool looking aircraft that has nowhere near enough lift to actually fly what have I but a slick paperweight model?
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MrPumpernickel seems to have gotten the idea right. I wonder if you could also use a light source to heat it so you wouldn't need any wires? Think of a heated buffet table with the large red lights on top.
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You could probably make a real transparent toaster with the aid of temperature proof glass and coils of wire threaded in grooves in the glass. It won't be entirely transparent due to the wire, but at least it'll be largely transparent.
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