What a 3-Year-Old Girl Will Do To A Monster

When this 3-year-old girl was asked what she was going to do if a monster came after her, the girl's answer was far more intelligible than the recent Miss South Carolina hubbub.

Here's what she's going to do: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - Thanks Travis W!

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Where's the Duct Tape? If I ever said that in front of my dad, I'd have MY arse (arse is such a nice word) kicked. But that's because I'm 13, and "kids aren't supposed to do that.

But I do it anyway. Mom doesn't seem to care. ;)
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"When did having class & manners become a bad thing?"

your primitive notions of manners and class amuse us. our language changes and grows and it always has, even the most polite of conversation today would be considerd most profane 100 years ago. there will always be people behind the curve of popular language, those people will in many situations just be spoken to diffrently to avoid conflict, but it wont slow down the evolution of the english language. -dave .p
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I think it's funny when kids curse. I don't like the concept of bad words. Most of them wouldn't be bad if we didn't stigmatize them. Kids learn a word is "bad" so they say it over and over. Who cares, kids love to be naughty, if they get a big reaction from doing something, they'll do it again. If the kid was actually full of rage and hate, that would be scary.

My mom told me a story about her high school boyfriend's little brother, she asked him how old he was and he said "Five." and she said "And what's your name?" and he said "Shut up motherfucker, I'm SUPERMAN!" I think that's hilarious. Funnier than this kid. Man, you should hear what kids on the streets of Manhattan say sometimes. They're amazing.
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