Are You A Nerd? Prove It!

Becky at our pal mental_floss blog (awesome, btw, definitely check 'em out!) wrote this post challenging you to prove that you are a nerd:

Ira Glass raised this question recently; or, perhaps, not so much raised it as lamented the way in which people retroactively confer “nerd” status upon themselves. As in, “I was such a big nerd in high school.” His basic argument was: no you weren’t, or: prove it.

He surmised that most people filter their actual popularity, if not their seeded positions on Homecoming Court, through a sentimental lens of nerddom. “Nerds” experience pain, certainly, but just because one experienced pain in adolescence, does this make one a nerd?

So, are/were you a nerd? Link (Pic is Robert Carradine as the archetypal nerd in Revenge of the Nerds, from Wikipedia)

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Ah, I was hoping for a link to an interactive quiz or at least a points measuring system to determine your true level of nerditude.

of course, if i was a true nerd, i would be able to whip one up on the spot (minus points for lack of programming skills) but I'm more of a word geek.
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I can't show you pictures of how nerd I am ( Mostly because I have been de-nerdified by now ) but I can tell you this:

When I was in high school I was such a nerd that when my favorite magazine from the school library was taken ( French Role playing magazine called Casus Belli ) I was walking with the books for the next class in my hands endlessly inside the school. Just counting how many class rooms there was.

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This is a contradicting situation... if one is bold enough to actually show everyone his nerdiness then it means he is not nonsocial, thus not a nerd.

Nerds are like vampire. You can't bring them into daylight... ever.
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