You're Part Neanderthal

Yeah, we meant you. (Though to be honest, I've long suspected that some people are actually fully Neanderthals from the way they act.)

DNA analysis studies published in Nature and Science showed that humans are part Neanderthals.

When modern humans move out of Africa into Eurasia about 100,000 years ago, they found Neanderthals already living there. They've probably made war with each other, but it's now certain that they made love: their offspring, the people of Europe and Asia, have 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal DNA.

Despite using different methodologies, both two studies pointed to part of the human genome that affect skin and hair as being part Neanderthal. "The idea is that maybe Neanderthals carried versions of alleles [genetic variants] for these genes that were well-adapted to their environment," Harvard Medical School's Sriram Sankararaman, told NBC News.

Geneticist Joshua Akey of University of Washington added, "It's a pretty fascinating way of adapting to an environment. Instead of resting on your laurels, waiting for an adaptation to appear, you just pick one up from the local population."

But not all of the Neanderthal DNA is actually good for humans: National Geographic reported that Neanderthal genetic variants have been linked to various diseases including lupus, biliary cirrhosis, Crohn's disease and type 2 diabetes. Indeed, both teams found that there are long stretches of human DNA that's completely devoid of Neanderthal sequences, suggesting that some Neanderthal genes were actually bad and therefore got purged out of the human genome over hundreds of generations.

(Photo: Joe McNally/National Geographic)

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Wow. Talk abut Neanderthals and suddenly the Wordy Wackologists bleed out of the woodwork in droves. I've seen comments like this on Amazon, usually involving mention of contrails and the Illuminati.

We are amused. Have you considered standup?
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Don’t expect this “science” to sneak its way into the classrooms here in the South. Our Lord and Savior made it very clear there is no way we evolved from these savages. Tennessee has passed the Monkey Law legislation which ensures teachers can challenge these so-called scientists and their twisted research funded by the liberals in Washington. Read about how we’re keep Christ in the Classroom at
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After all, what is the difference between the life that is in a cell, a chimp, a neanderthal or a modern homo sapiens? Do not come and vanishes in the same way, in one breath alone? Isn’t life a single indivisible movement, an information flow that stores and changes from a common ancestor? Or is there a unique quality in some place of the tree of life, a qualitative leap detached from all evolutionary processes and unrelated to the rest of life? If so, is it the same leap that the human language makes when differentiating between life itself and the rest of the universe? Also between human beings and the rest of animals, between food and eaters, health and disease, between life and death? Along these lines, there is a peculiar book, if you want there is a preview in Just another suggestion, in order to free-think for a while.
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