World's Ugliest Woman: Mary Ann Bevan

Meet Mary Ann Bevan, self-proclaimed world's ugliest woman:

Mary Ann Bevans, commonly referred to as ‘The Homeliest Woman in the World’, likely suffered from acromegaly. She was born Mary Ann Webster in London, England in 1874 as one of eight children. She was employed as a nurse and began to display characteristics of acromegaly shortly after her marriage in 1903.

Following the passing of her husband in 1914, found herself solely financially responsible for her four children. In an attempt to make some money, she entered and subsequently won an ‘Ugly Woman’ contest.

She was quickly hired by Coney Island’s Dreamland Circus in 1920 and there she remained, excluding a few short appearances for Ringling Bros and a 1926 World’s Fair spot, until her death at the age of 59 on December 26, 1933.

All kidding aside, she did work at a circus to support her family, so she definitely deserved props for that: | More pics of Mary Ann

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She is not ugly. She is a strong woman for what she has been through. And all of you that have been calling her ugly,hideous,etc, I don't think you guys are any better so,if I were you I wouldn't be talking.
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People, she had a desease. She had Acromegaly, a desease that people get facialy disformed. You might be very beautiful but if this hits you youll be looking the same as her.
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This woman seems not so much ugly, shes just not well dressed or combed and looks tired. I am far uglier.I wish i could get some money the same way, because i am freakin ugly and i know that a lot of jobs i could not get because i am ugly. It is not easy for a young girl being ugly. I studied and i got a job but was is difficult to ugly people, sometimes people joke at you and in job interviews you know what happen when you see that a beautifull girl or woman or man is going for the same job, and you know that the job is not yours.. i understand that to models or air hostess one has to be beautifull, but please to be in a office working in a computer, almost nobody sees you and they still want beautifull people to work there. Society is cruel to uglies. At least if i can get some money because of my ugliness, in some kind of fun contest...because ill be unemployed in the end of the year... We not deserve to be punished for being ugly... :-(
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