Hidden Bible Reference in In-N-Out Food Wrappers and Cups

If you live in California, you've probably eaten at the insanely popular In-N-Out burger chain. But did you ever notice that they print discreet Bible references on their cups and wrappers?


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How bizarre that anyone would think that small-font printing of two or three Bible verses is "mind control," "manipulation," and some other form of vast right-wing conspiracy. These people who push such non-evidential ideas display more cultic mentality than any cult I've encountered. Get a life and get in touch with reality. A few "hidden" Bible verses on cups or sacks are no more dangerous than a verse from Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost! For God's sake, grow up!
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dude this is amazing! it isnt mind conrol pr prapaganda unless you let it be. why do people freak out over christian stuff. i'm sure if it was buddist or hindi people would give it a second thought. i am proud to be in a country where people can be clever and do stuff like this. its their belief and i am proud of them for doing it =]
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The most ironic thing about In-N-Out is that it's never in and out, it's always in ... wait ... wait some more ... wait for a loooong time ... then out.

Great burger though - I'd eat there with or without the Bible references.
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Big deal. I'm far from Christian and I'm thrilled that I live in a country where someone can own a business and do with it what they please (as long as they're not hurting anyone, and last I knew, putting Bible verses on cups doesn't hurt anyone). Ah, the power of the dollar. If you don't like it, you can choose not to go there, but you might want to think about what that says about you (that you wont' do business with someone who is of another belief system and shows it through their business? Yikes!)! Any logic that would say they can't do that is the same logic that would tell someone else they can't sell cute little devil air fresheners or other stuff that Christians might get all weird about. No thanks.
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