Tear Gas and Tasers: Kids Get in on the ... Fun?

It is hard to resist a Florida joke here but really, it is a wonderful state ... for the most part. What is truly amazing is not that dozens of children were tazered in the same state, nor that it was all on the same day, nor that some of them were also tear gassed. No, what is amazing is that this was done almost entirely with parental consent - and on take-your-child-to-work day no less.

Children held hands so that 50,000 volts could pass through their fingers. Other children were exposed to tear gas.

A total of 43 children were directly and indirectly shocked by electric stun guns during simultaneous Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day events gone wrong at three state prisons last month. One was a warden's daughter.

None of the children required medical attention or were notably harmed, McNeil said. He said the victims, who ranged in age from 5 to 17, were all children of prison officials. In nearly every case, the guards who administered the "electronic immobilization devices" had permission from parents or grandparents.


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And as for the idea of ownership. I won`t even deign to address the semantics of child "ownership". If you didn't get what I was saying in response to Steohawk's comment, then nothing I could say would be of any use.
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Violet, I never used those terms, but I wasn't really defending it. The people who are saying "I believe" and "I think" are expressing their beliefs and thoughts, rather than overreacting and making huge assumptions with no other information or facts available.

Maybe those kids were tested for heart conditions before the tasering took place. You're assuming they weren't. At least the defenders acknowledged that they were making unqualified statements.
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The defenders are using telling phrases like "I believe" [the doses were low] and "I'm sure" [they were careful].

This form of argument is about as effective as "believing" your child does not have an undiagnosed heart condition before you allow him a shock to the system.

If you insist on the power of blind supposition with regard to keeping children from harm, please allow me to direct you to the contraceptive aisle. I KNOW condoms can prevent bad parenting.
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I dont get the moral outrage about this incident. Ive been tased volentaraly;it doesnt hurt.It basically just knocks you down. This would be wicked fun for a kid. Child abuse my ass. I can see how this went down:

Officer: Well we use these tasers blah blah blah
Kid:Can I try it?
Kid 2: Ohh Me too?
Kid 3 Me Too?
Officer: Umm I dont know
Parent: Sure why not.
Officer: Ok

Sounds like fun to me.
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I totally agree with Reechard. I, as a kid, would have been the first in the line to try this stuff (and I also believe those were harmless doses of tier gas and low voltage tassering). Kids are explorers, they all want to know about this world as much as they can, just some, have their courage diminished by their parents.
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