You can't park there!

A report from Ankara, Turkey. No, it wasn’t a woman driver looking for a parking place. The car apparently went off a bridge overhead and landed on the balcony. Push play or go to Live Leak. -via Arbroath

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"Poking fun is a big part of this blog, and the comment was done in good humor."

Okay. Zionism is racism. Blacks aren't as smart as whites. Arabs smell funny. Mexicans sleep 12 to a room AND smell funny! LOL!

What? I was just poking fun. It was done in good humor! Come on Neatorama! Let the good, sexists, racists, classist, times roll!
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For some reason, I missed out on mrgoodbar's comment until I ran across a reference to it elsewhere.

I didn't think it was a sexist comment at all - especially when the post was written by a woman!

Poking fun is a big part of this blog, and the comment was done in good humor. Neatorama's authors have a wide latitude (free rein, really) in what they write - and so far they've done a good job. I see no reason for them to change.
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Seriously though, I've been coming (increasingly more reluctantly) to Neatorama for about two years or so now and this simply the latest in what seems an increasingly large number of idiotic comments by Neatorama staff which I've both seen and continue to observe.

It's sexist in a way that is so cliche, so tacky, so... hell, I don't know, 1980s as to be completely damning of the editoral staff here at Neatorama.

A "women can't drive/park" joke? WTF? Has this turned into some Andrew Dice Clay tribute site over night? Did we roll back the comedy clock to 1978?

Why would you write that? How does translating this post about a wrecked car into some sort of dated sexist commentary even begin to make sense?

I continue to be dumbfounded by the sheer lack of IQ here at Neatorama exhibited by the editorial staff. This is just the latest, most glaring example.
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"You can't park there!"

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