Eyeball Tattoo

Here's something that even most tattoo enthusiast consider a little extreme: eyeball tattooing.

Apparently, you can tattoo an eyeball (it has been done on blind eyes to "hide" corneal defects). In this case, Pauly Unstoppable, Josh, and Shannon Larratt tattooed their pefectly healthy eyes, just to see if it could be done.

Link: Three Blind Mice at BME, Update on Josh's eye, Update 2, Shannon's Blog entry - Thanks esa!

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wow, awesome time reading your comments and i believe that it just might be all the fashion in the very near future and i really do think a lot of teenagers in high school will be wanting them, and most likely getting them. Contacts will just not be enough. It seems like a cruel thing to do to the eyes, but you must admit, they look great when done. It is not illegal and hurting anyone else, and we can't stop others from being happy, because some people go to the extreme to be happy.
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i would like to no where to get this done i dont care wat province or state it is in i will travel there please someone tell me where i get get an eye tattoo i have been searchin it for 2 days sstraight now and cannot find out where to go ??????????????
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I personally agree with pumpernickel. I actually found this site trying to find a place that will tattoo my iris green. I'm glad SOMEONE out there was willing to do something different. Without people like these we wouldn't have many of the medical intelligence we have. We also wouldn't have piercings, hair dye and piercings. I applaud these men 100%.
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Ok wow you are arguing over something that someone else did what are we 12

FFS they made the choice knew the risks

If you dont like it just leave it alone
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You guys need to quit crying about it.

It doesn't affect you whether they tattoo their eyes so quit talking shit about it.

Mrpumpernickel needs has way too much time on his hands. You straight up write books as your "comments". and NO ONE wants to read them.
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