Eyeball Tattoo

Here's something that even most tattoo enthusiast consider a little extreme: eyeball tattooing.

Apparently, you can tattoo an eyeball (it has been done on blind eyes to "hide" corneal defects). In this case, Pauly Unstoppable, Josh, and Shannon Larratt tattooed their pefectly healthy eyes, just to see if it could be done.

Link: Three Blind Mice at BME, Update on Josh's eye, Update 2, Shannon's Blog entry - Thanks esa!

I'm all for body mods, but, I would never even think of messing with the eyes.
"Yeah, I lost my sight because I wanted to look "cool" and freak out my brother freeaks."
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meg, why would you avoid them in public? They're perfectly normal people, kind and respectful (well, aside from Josh, I don't really know anything about him, but the two others are anyway). Do you have anything against such people?

Owen, read the article instead of just looking at the pictures next time, it makes you look less like an idiot.

Tim, this isn't exactly for "coolness", if you knew who these three people are who went through with it you'd know that they are guys who are doing new things and trying new things within the body modification community. It's as much trying something new as it is about proving it can be done. Bmezine ran an article a couple of years ago about eye implants as well, which isn't all that far from this. Just a solid titanium object (thin wafer) instead of a liquid ink.

Tempscire, such contacts do indeed exist, but that's kind of beside the point since this isn't about coloring the eyes by any means possible, this is about coloring the eyes by means of tattooing.
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Pumpernickel, I disagree that this isn't about coloring the eye by any means possible. Apparently, these guys will use ANY means. Scleral contacts would have been smarter. They look bad, and worse still, their tattoos are incomplete; they will have to put themselves at terrible risk of blindness several more times if they want to achieve totally blue sclera.

This is possibly the most idiotic thing I've ever seen. Some people truly, truly have too much time.
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You disagree? Okay, then you kind of missed the point. Contacts aren't body modification, these guys are into body modification hence contacts would've been rather beside the point. If they wanted a temporary thing even then I'm not sure they'd opt for contacts. This isn't really about putting blue ink into the eye, it's about trying something (relatively) new and prooving it can be done. Nor is it about how it looks (though, taste is subjective). If you actually bothered to read the article you would've read about what precautions they took and that they were quite aware of the risks involved. These weren't three bored teenagers sitting around and on a moment's whim decided to tattoo their eyes, quite the opposite.

Beside that though, done correctly under sterlie circumstances (in other words, with proper equipment and in a clean environment) the actual risk of blindness is rather slim. The eye is more resiliant than you may think and also heals quite fast when it comes to minor invasions such as this.

So perhaps, before passing judgement you could actually try to understand why they did this instead of obviously just looking at a bunch of pictures and saying it's idiotic, not to mention do your research.
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Oh well, as long as they're doing it for the purely noble purpose of trying something new for the body modification community. As long as it's not frivolous.

Sorry, body modification cen be pretty stupid at times, and this is definitely one of those times.

This is as stupid as smoking to look cool, going anorexic to look thin, or taking tons of steroids to look buff.

I read some of the article - "Don't try this at home, kids, but this is how we did it" - enough research to confirm that it's a really, really, dumb idea.
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You continue to vouch for how brave and trailblazing they are, and that we should try and understand them, and that they've taken all precautions etc.

Except they are doing something that DOES carry risks, one of them was seeing doctors because he had PAIN when focusing on things.

They're RISKING THEIR EYESIGHT for what? To see if you can do it? Oh come on, it's just ridiculous... they're not risking their eyesight for the possibility of some great advance, they're risking their eyesight to have some blobby blue marks on their eyes.

Ridiculous, no matter how you look at it.
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Please don't impersonate me, it's childish.

ted, because people don't do frivolous things in other fields on a daily basis? No, that cannot be, that's just not heard of!

I don't really consider something you do out of your own free will to your body as something stupid, I honestly don't care, it's your body to do with what you wish, as long as you don't hurt anyone else that is.

The research did not show that it was a dumb idea (you read "some" of the article, how about reading it all next time?), though it's not devoid of risk obviously hence you don't go out and recommend people to try it themselves. These are, as I mentioned, not a few bored teenagers not knowing what they're doing, quite the opposite. Not to mention that they know the risks involved and are ready to take them.

MrImpersonator, brave and trailblazing? I never claimed anything of the sort, I merely stated that they did something relatively new and knew quite well what they were getting into. You know what else carry risks? Walking across the street, bicycling, getting out of bed in the morning, and so forth. It's all about managable risk and accepting whatever risk there may be. Indeed, one of them was seeing a doctor, but did you bother to read more than that? The doctors didn't shit a brick because of what he did (which they would've if it was anything truly riskful) and the problem was more an irritation of the muscles around the eye than anything else. In other words, no risk of eyesight loss as you try to claim.

FFS read more than just the headlines if you're going to comment and appear smart, or just appear to look like you know what you're talking about.

Ridiculous? That may be how you look at it, it certainly isn't how I and many others look at it...so it does matter how you look at it.
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It's their right to do this, and it's my right to think that they're moronic for risking their eyesight and possible further complications for nothing more than "doing something relatively new".

You try to equate the risks, Mr. Pumpernickel, with crossing the streets, as if all risks are equally risky, or equally justified. The difference is that I cross the street to go to my job and make a good living, to go to my girlfriend's so we can have sex, to go to the art store to pick up more paint... in other words, the risk/benefit ratio makes the minimal risk worthwhile. What benefit do they achieve with this risk except getting a "first!" in the body mod community? What value does that community have when it rewards pointless risk like this?
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I didn't know I'd posted with 'your' name, in fact the 'Name' field again was prepopulated with your name, so I don't know what's happening there.

I have read all of the posts regarding it (there really aren't many) and none of them make me think in any way that it was a clever thing to do.

As Justin said, crossing the street et al has a perfectly good risk/benefit equation.

Let's look at the risk/benefit equation with this moronic act:
* Risk: Possible loss of eyesight. Possible life long irritation, possible partial loss of eyesight, possibly being left with life long 'splodge' of ink in the eye which doesn't look good to anyone (including them). Loss of eye due to infection
* Benefit: Erm... um... having a splodge of blue in their eye that doesn't look good to anyone including them.

It is just ridiculous, they should not be congratulated, they should not be applauded for doing something new, they should be looked upon with sadness as they obviously have something missing from their lives to need to do this and the many, many other body mods they have done (yes, I've looked at their sites/blogs).
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I admit, needles of any kind terrify the utter hell out of me, but if the tattoos work out the way they're hoping for, I also gotta admit that having people out there with 'real' Dune eyes is pretty awesome.
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smurf!!!! smurff!!! and thats retarted! the ink would affect the visual axis of the eyeball and change the color arrangement of the posterior and anterior chambers of tht dudes eye. not cool. and it be equally stupid to dye the the solera or sclera cause it it.... just ew. if that "needle" hit the cornea thats 3 layers or eyes and ew, if the procedure was dont screw...oh gosh. sick sick sick! un healthy!
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This is frickin stupid why would someboby do this.And whoever put this on the here is also stupid because their are little kids that read this and they dont know any better and then they think oo this is cool i want to get one of these now.And i know that there are little kides on here because i remember when i was in 5th grade and i was on here looking at things.Also i know little kids that use the computer,like a girl named Alli,and Jenna.So this should not be on here!
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Wow...... i would never hire any of these guys to work for my company..... #1 it shows self destructive behavior... #2 it shows that they have no regards what so ever for their appearance... and #3 i would never want anyone with blue eyes to represent my company... these guys are gonna be stuck in a factory... or being drug dealers forever.... the fact is you cant cover that up like you can regular ink.
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in the eye of the beholder..

i thinks its cool. i will consider doing it if it gets safe :)

learn to respect other people! pretty much trash talk in here
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Thousands of years ago, some dude took a sharp stick and stuck it through his lip. Chances were, a good part of his tribe thought he was an idiot. For one reason or another though, they all started sticking crap through themselves.

This was the birth of piercings, or at least it went something like that.

Somewhere else thousands of years ago, some dude took a sharp stick, dipped it in ink, and repeatedly stabbed himself with it. He thought it was pretty cool, he probably got laughed at to, maybe even put to death. This to caught on, it's now called tattoo.

If there were never any idiots to push the boundaries of social acceptability (if that's even a word) then we would all be wearing the same pair of pants and shirt of the same material in the same color, with the same hair cut, etc etc etc.

I'd never do this to my own eyes, because it's not important to me. These individuals however felt that it was important to them and I respect that, so long as you're not harming others or your community, do what the hell you want.

Just curious why you people are so upset about it.

oh and to teh individual who would avoid them in the street.... it really wasn't all that long ago when someone with a lot of piercings and tattoo's would have been avoided in the street.

I think there's a lot of growing up here needed,

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P.s. to the girl who thinks it should be censored because little kids could watch it and think it's cool, here's a novel idea, how about those kids parents, actually become parents and monitor what their kids are watching on television or online. Guess that would be to hard and take up to much time.

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iyou idiotic fools except you mr pump this is the futuret thes people are revolutionarys there risking eyesight even though the risk is minimakl for the better ment of man kind me personally ill goo pitch black riddick style as soon as i get the chance respond personally to me at demon_of_norath@yahoo.com there pioneers it is irrelivant to them how they think there dicision its a new thing and has not been around that long so how can you judge them ok bye
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I think that this is kind of neat. Def. a great thing for people who do already have sight problems, defects or are blind. If I was blind or already had a defect that caused my eyes to appear unatural any way I would so do it. I am a fan of body art, I have three tattoos myself. Personaly I would not do this for the simple fact that it can cause problems with ur sight and I wear glasses anyway so probably not a good thing for me to do. lol.I dont think the people who have had it done are idiots at all, I would say they are very bold. Im always for the guy who decides to do something different regardless of what others think. It seems to be a new thing but maybe years from now they will form a way to do it that wont have as many risks.
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Why would any of you really care what these people do to their eyes? Or any part of their body for that matter? I believe, last I checked, that the bodies they currently reside in belong to them, and not you. Some of you continue to say you have done your research, and call them idiotic and moronic, etc... Well, quite frankly, if you continue to call them that after you have done your so called "research", then you are proving to us all that you never did more than a cursory preliminary skim and glance at any kind of research.

Eyeball tattooing was not always done as a medical procedure to fix discoloration problems, etc... It was done cosmetically for long before any one single one of us was born. Do you criticize those cultures where they tattoo their entire bodies, or use piercings all over in increasing size, that would shock any sane person in the free world? You are going to sit back and say that their culture is wrong, and you are right? These gentlemen have chosen to partake of a culture that does things differently than you do. It is not your right to judge, and you should be ashamed for doing so. Every day there are those of us out there fighting and struggling with the rest of the world trying to prevent people like you from taking voice in any kind of public forum, because all you do is continually embarass not only yourself, but everyone around you who hears the ignorance coming from you.

This is as of yet, still a free country, and there is no law, or prejudice stating that they are in the wrong. There are risks yes, but there are risks in everything you do. Getting behind the wheel of a car is a risk, a tattoo, a piercing, eating, giving birth, etc... Anything you do in any part of our society and culture, has a risk attached to it. So far from all the research I have done, there is really almost no risk whatsoever in tattooing the eyeball. There is more risk in getting into an automobile accident than there is to damaging your eye and causing lasting harm. It is done in medical practice. And some people just do not want contacts. So back off and STFU! It is not your right!

Check your research, make sure you do it thoroughly and you will see exactly how little there is. And btw, if you had read the article, and the research, you would realize that he is not done, and these men are planning on perfecting the process, and plan on continuing to do this until they have achieved their final results. Since this article has come out, many more people have actually done this, and not one so far has had any kind of problem.
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Oh please don't pull out the free country bull. This is all about social acceptance. In our reality it is unacceptable to have outrageous modifications in the workplace. It does demonstrate irrational behavior. Being in the field of science I am all for exploring curiosity, but I am also a fan of common sense. The risks involved are far greater than ANY of the benifits. Even minor eye infections that may be incurred are serious. And if the cornea is punctured &/ or any of the aqueous humor gets out it takes weeks for the liquid to be renewed. Basically you have a flattened eyeball until your body remakes the humor.

All of the people stating their opinions about this have the right to say how they feel. Since this is "a free country". You do not have the right to tell them how to feel about those people's body modifications. Over all this IS a bad idea. Tattooing the eye is a BAD idea. Surface piercing (if done wrong) are also bad due to the chance of rejection and leaving horrible scars. Tattoos and most piercings only carry the chance of infection, which is easily cleared up since conventional tattoos and piercings are done through the Epidermis.

People are too caught up on being understanding of other cultures. Understanding is different from imitating. I am all for body modifications. I have numerous piercings and tattoos. BUT at the moment it is the general concensus that the risk is higher than the benifit, i.e. IT IS A BAD IDEA.
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Dear Pimpin'Majesty

You entry makes me sad, if you are in fact a scientist, then you are extremely close minded and that's a shame because in our scientific community we need open minded individuals. Just think, if everyone thought like you and was afraid of risks, coppernicus never would have said the world was round (under fear of being executed for heresy), the wright brothers would have never tried to fly, Mr bell wouldn't have invented the light bulb etc etc etc.

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I agree with Chris, people kind of sicken me. I think what they are doing is great, and if they are successful I'd love to maybe see if it can be done and controlled in the different sections of the eye. I've always wanted blue eyes but I was never able to wear contacts. Wouldn't that be amazing if this could revolutionize tatooing, and expand the horrizons of modern art? Now that they have cosmetic tatoo's everyone is looking into it and suddenly something permanent doesn't seem like such a bad idea. I think that this is great. What they are doing is phenominal and deserves to be applauded, it took balls to go through with this, and after a while i'm sure people will look back on this forum and rethink how they see this concept. I really hope everything proves successful, I hope to one day get it done. And to anyone who choses to aviod these people, That is immature, think back to third grade when you might have avoided someone because they were different, but you grew out of it. This is just another stage in life, accepting people for who they are is the most important thing in the world, and I feel that if any body has a problem with the way these people are than they need to rethink themselves first. Life is about things like this, accepting differences, loving enemies. yada yada yada.

People are different, that's what makes them special, instead of hating them why don't you look in a mirror and realize that the only reason you laoth them is because your jealous that they thought up the cool tattoing ideas first. Jealous son of a b***h.
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I find that you are all becoming far to involved in what is originally just an attempt to create a new form of human body art. I myself highly doubt that any of you are repeatedly returning to this website in the name of medical research. You're here, I believe, because you enjoy debating over frivolous matters or your upset that someone has their own opinion and doesn't agree with yours. This really has no meaning to me, and I personally believe that self mutilation shouldn't be done at all.
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Ehh.. Well, as MrPumpernickle said, it is a first and yes, it is somewhat a "milestone" of "what can be done", but obviously (as we all most likely with a relative amount of reason and intelligent, CAN ADMIT) it's nothing that our health or world will actually benefit from.

OK, it's cool that there's so much of mad people in the world that there's always the one lunatic who dares to try something new and well, now we'll know if you can actually succesfully change the color of your eyeball.

It's the sort of "no need to know, but cool to tell people" kinda info, I guess.

I, personally, would never try anything that risky for such a "childish/playful/naive cause", but this is interesting, I've got to say. I just would NEVER f*ck with my eyesight. I'd be so lost if I lost it.. I had a swollen eye for 5 days after a haggard beatdown by 3 guys (I was alone) and even losing my depth perception made me miserable, since I couldn't see from my other eye. At all. When I finally got my eye open, the whole white area was red. Yes, it did look "KINDA COOL! uh hu huh..", but no, I'd never want a permanent eye like that.

And I got to admit, I've laughed alot to the bodymodifications of the world... pointless neck-implant things that kinda look like freakish little balls on your neck and whatnot. I just can't find it beautiful, no way how I look at it. I understand tattoos and the "normal" piercings but COME ON.. some of them are just for the attention-whoring and "LOOK WHERE I GOT A PIERCING, HEE HEE"-kinda wannabe-unique-ism... At least that's how I see most of the people I've met with pointless "F'ing stupid" piercings. But no, I'm not saying bodymodders are stupid. Most are REALLY cool and artistic looking and give the world a nice bit of variety. Not HATING here. Certainly not. Just covering multiple aspects :)

But hey, I'm glad it's all out there, as an option who ever may like the likes, so - I guess it's good that someone who knows the risks, will attempt it under good circumstances.. after all, tattoos weren't originally made under SAFE circumstances anyway, WAAY BACK. Humans have always tried such things and I see this no way different...

And I can say, I'll be following these news about the "Guy with the blue eye" and hope he doesn't go blind :) And hey, maybe the result will actually be cool.. (I kinda doubt it though... :S)
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Lmao Slappy, you're right-they are DEFINITE candidates.
They've got some balls.
I can't even get a tatto, period. Let alone one in my eye. X
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lol... ok well first off I have to say the idea is pretty damn cool. I wouldn't personaly get it done but I can definately understand where they're coming from... second. all of you who think these people are dumb for doing this because of the danger they put themselves in or because of the way people will look at them etc. etc. should be slapped... you are fuckin stupid... no no. I'm sorry, stupid isn't harsh enough. your fuckin ignorant. go step in front of a train and do us all a favor. your the kind of people we should be avoiding on the street. let's all try and be a little more open minded here... now the main question all of you have been asking is why...? why be the first...? hmmm well let's see... none of you ass hats can stop talking about them can you? lol. even though you might not like it your still talking about them... going on and on lol. there's a good reason for what these people have done. its revolutionary in its own way and these people should not be talked about like they'r crazy. just deal with it and shut up.

well there's my two cents.

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To tell you the truth i havent even read the article and in my opinion it boils down to this: Most of you who are calling them idiots are truly the idiots for turning something down before it has the chance to show its true potential. A lot of people (including myself) would love to have this done just for the pure looks of it. it is also a way of showing that your different as well as daring. THE RISK ISN'T THAT BIG!!!! As soon as they manage to perfect it or come as close as they will i am going to have this done to my eyes even if it assures blindness, because it would be really cool if i woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror seeing two black eyes staring right back at me. so all of you that are saying that this is a bad idea really needs to shut up because your probably saying that you wouldnt do it because your scared something will go wrong. the risk is just the same as surgery but people around the world get that done almost everyday and are fine afterwards most of the time.
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its weiird but cool i mean why would someone rist thereselfs of corse of blindness i mean its stupid on the other side it would be cool on halloween
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I think this rules. I want it. I am a well-educated person; There is nothing wrong with wanting permanent color on your eyes. Just remember, all you pro-contact people, that contacts must be put in and out and cared for. If I wanted to NOT tattoo my body, I would have to draw my design on myself with makeup every single day. and I am not an artist. Let me know who to talk to that is doing this, please. Thanks, Chris
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This is a very good thing to all artist and all of whom wish to discover new things in the world. It may not be for everyone but its a very new and easy for closed minded people not willing to understand a new way of looking at life. This is just a beginning of things that people with ideas will bring to the future and to those that fear change or the difference in new think must realize that there will be things that they themselves will not like because it does not go well with there lives. To be right to the point you should respect all ideas that challenge the norm and go far enough to take there body and do something that would change their lives completely. Try to just see the beauty in this and stop seeing the wrong. Regardless of risk or not everyone will die at one point and people that live there lives in extremely different ways are the ones that are remembered. Not the ones that sit back and judge others for different. Some will do it for there own reasons and some to fit in. Either way let people do as they please because its there life and no one has right to not allow them to have will over their own world. Its not harming anyone so whats the problem... is it really there eyes or is it really just you?
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I'd take long bets that these blue eyed persons spend their time doing more constructive things than counting salutations and running their opinions up electric flag poles. what?
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It is my opinion that what they did was irrational and while I don't go against what any individual wishes to do with their own bodies, I think it would have been better to research (other than simply mentioning "extensively researched" which in today's academia suggests several hours on wikipedia and forums) it more than it seems that they did and just simply "do it". Perhaps I could have suggested possibly using cadaveric animal specimens to refine the technique, as well as using live animal specimens once the technique is more established. While it seems like this method won't be garnering any approval from PETA, I am firmly against the idea that a person should put themselves at risk before putting in what I call "actual research" into a new technique.

Also, thefuckinganarchist, please do not try to pass off knowledge you obviously do not, since to the people who do have a background in medicine tend to pick out frauds quite easily. (Yes, this means you)

As for the comment about humans of histories past, sticking themselves with objects, leading to tattoos I wish to believe that we've come some ways since then and have the reasonable ability to "try" things in a safer manner.

To the art community, expression of self can come in various forms, but as a member of the medical community, please keep safe and healthy in whatever may muse. (There's nothing sadder than a loss of knowledge and art that "could've been")

I know that this has been a somewhat long comment, and I wish to thank those of you who stuck through and read it in its completion.
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Mr Cardio you sit here and tell other people not to speak on things they do not truly understand, while you say "It is my opinion that what they did was irrational" which makes absolutely no sense. Irrational means that something has no reason or understanding. They had reason, and they had understanding. You can not have an opinion against a fact, so you are wrong. I can opine that the color green is better than the color blue, but not that Kurt Warner currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals, it is just a fact, so stop making yourself look uneducated.

To the rest of the people on here saying this is stupid and all, why is it so stupid, and why are they Darwin candidates? You all just make yourselves look ignorant. Body modification isn't for everyone, no, but it's what some people want to do. I love the way some tattoos and piercings look, but would never get them done. Tattoos? Got 'em. Tattoos on the face? Hell no. Does that mean that if you get one because you want it you're stupid and retarded? No, it just means you want something different.

Some people spend their lives as accountants, sitting behind desks and playing with math all day, because that's what they want to do. I am working towards tattooing, because that's what I want to do. My life choices about my body seem better to me, while yours to you. That does not make either choice stupid, just different. Accept that not everyone in the world likes things your way, and shut up.
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i just want to know how they are doing now?
any problems? it would make an interesting article,
if you have a update please e-mail me. i would love to see if i could use it as a article.
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Well... as any body mod... this looks painful... my big question is..
Is it painful..???
I would hate to get part way through something like this a wuss out, you know?
That would stink...

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I think that it a crazy thing to do such a thing. For one why would you want to change your eyes. They are that way for a reason. Also people that are commenting on here alot get a life. Quit yelling at people for what they put. Get a damn life. If someone wants to change there eyes then that is on them. Thank you have a nice day. This is my one and only post. So dont try to start a fight. Thank you losers...
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To Chris: - Are you actually comparing the invention of the first airplane to sticking a needle in your eye and injecting it with blue ink? How is this going to benefit mankind in any way as the light bulb has and still does? And how do you weigh knowing that the Earth is round with knowing that tattooing an eye is doable?

And to Zach: - It's ironic how you tell people to "accept that not everyone in the world likes things your way" while telling them to shut up because you can't accept that they do not accept this act of stupidity. It's self refuting.

And to those who frown upon judging others, you seem to not find it inappropriate to judge those who judge the one's who tattooed their eye balls in the name of "art" or to simply be the first to attempt this dangerously idiotic procedure which is going to influence more to do the same, maybe someone's son or daughter who might live the rest of their life with a disfigurement that they might regret later for not knowing better. I applaud you courageous, daring individuals who I am very jealous of, big thumbs up.
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You guys need to quit crying about it.

It doesn't affect you whether they tattoo their eyes so quit talking shit about it.

Mrpumpernickel needs has way too much time on his hands. You straight up write books as your "comments". and NO ONE wants to read them.
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Ok wow you are arguing over something that someone else did what are we 12

FFS they made the choice knew the risks

If you dont like it just leave it alone
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I personally agree with pumpernickel. I actually found this site trying to find a place that will tattoo my iris green. I'm glad SOMEONE out there was willing to do something different. Without people like these we wouldn't have many of the medical intelligence we have. We also wouldn't have piercings, hair dye and piercings. I applaud these men 100%.
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i would like to no where to get this done i dont care wat province or state it is in i will travel there please someone tell me where i get get an eye tattoo i have been searchin it for 2 days sstraight now and cannot find out where to go ??????????????
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wow, awesome time reading your comments and i believe that it just might be all the fashion in the very near future and i really do think a lot of teenagers in high school will be wanting them, and most likely getting them. Contacts will just not be enough. It seems like a cruel thing to do to the eyes, but you must admit, they look great when done. It is not illegal and hurting anyone else, and we can't stop others from being happy, because some people go to the extreme to be happy.
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