VideoSift: Evolution in Action

Man, I love VideoSift's collectives - this one's called Evolution in Action, and is the "home to stupid people doing stupid things, fire-breathing mishaps, guys getting run over by their own cars, those that ignore the warning label, and anyone that gives up their personal dignity to qualify for the Darwin Awards."

Let's take a look at five incredibly dumb moments captured on video:

How NOT to Cut Down a Tall Tree

The title is self-explanatory. Kids, don't try this at home. Let me amend that: adults, don't try this at home either.


This is NOT How to Cut Tree Limbs, Either

Maybe the guy in the video above was doing it all wrong because he was alone with no one to watch over him. But would chopping down a tree limb with some friends make it go better?

Nope: Link

Redneck Roller Coaster

These guys take open air motoring one step higher: introducing the redneck roller coaster (yes, he's steering from up there!)


No Runway? No Problem! Just Use the Road!

Bad: running out of fuel mid-flight
Really Bad: having to land on a highway
Evolution in Action Bad: Trying to take off again using the highway as a runway, running into the truck that brought the fuel, and ending up in a ditch.


Man Kicks Self in the Nuts

This one is a gem. It's practically what the collective is made for.

Here's Peter Coffin demonstrating his unique talent of kicking himself in the groin, on national TV "The Craziest Person in America"


For more the web's most interesting videos, check out: VideoSift.

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