Purdue Scientists Created WTC Crash Simulation.

Researchers at Purdue University have created a computer simulation of what likely happened (engineering-wise) when an airplane crashed into the World Trade Center's North Tower on 9/11/01:

The simulation could be used to better understand which elements in the building's structural core were affected, how they responded to the initial shock of the aircraft collision, and how the tower later collapsed from the ensuing fire fed by an estimated 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, said Mete Sozen, the Kettelhut Distinguished Professor of Structural Engineering in Purdue's School of Civil Engineering.

So far, the scientists and engineers had used the simulation to analyze how many columns were destroyed initially in the building's core:

The researchers are analyzing how many columns were destroyed initially in the building's core, a spine of 47 heavy steel I-beams extending through the center of the structure, Sozen said.

"Current findings from the simulation have identified the destruction of 11 columns on the 94th floor, 10 columns on the 95th floor and nine columns on the 96th floor," he said. "This is a major insight. When you lose close to 25 percent of your columns at a given level, the building is significantly weakened and vulnerable to collapse."

Link (includes video of the simulation in action) - Thanks Another Jake!

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Another MAJOR INSIGHT is that these studies were funded by government sources. The same sources that gave you the 911 COMMISION'S OFFICIAL CONSPIRACY and its nothing but more hot air.


And a rebuttal. But the "LOYALTY THEORISTS" out there can't be bothered with annoying things like scientific facts.

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Look at the period when the plane is moving through the building. The floor directly above the plane is pulled down towards the plane. Why is it moving at the same speed that the plane is moving forward? Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 meters per second squared. The falling material is moving way too fast.
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Guys, 9/11 was an inside job formulated by those who really run our government...

The Lochness Monster and Bigfoot!!

Apparently people were getting too close to discovering them so they created 9/11 to distract the public!!

Yeah thats it...

(keeps his eyes peeled for UFO's flown by Ghosts)
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Building 7? nah, nevermind. Most of the people here like living in the realities created for them by the government, and mainstream media. Keep buying into it, keep defending it, and by all means don't even look into the existence of building 7, or why it fell. Stay focused on the towers and their connection to Iraq. Stay focused on muddying the issue, and scapegoating it into an anti-Rosie rant. Bill O Reilly would be proud. The reason we are in Iraq is September 11th, the reason why people supported the war in Iraq was september 11th, Cheney said previously that an invasion of Iraq would be impossible to sell outside a "catalyzing event, such as a new Pearl Harbor" that event took place. Both the 911 commision and NIST report can't explain why building 7 fell. So ask yourself, who benefits from september 11th, and who has lost. The truth of what the government actually does will always be worse than what's fit for mainstream consumption. Maybe it was an inside job, maybe it wasn't, but perhaps it may be prudent to further study the catalyzing event which whipped a country into war, and has subsequently killed thousands more, and created a war without end. The problem with those who like to toe the Bush administration line is that they rarely seek out any differing opinions. I'm interested in both sides. not throwing mud.
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