Keep Calm and Carry On T-Shirt.

We posted about the World War II Keep Calm and Carry On Poster in the UK

An enterprising guy has now put it on a T-shirt - but you'll probably get into trouble wearing this in the US for making a political statement!

Link - Thanks Mark Coop!

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Yes No Maybe have always recognized and celebrated the fact that we got our poster from Barter Books, the home of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster. stock their posters currently.

Yes No Maybe were the first to print the T's and other sites simply took the idea and started using it themselves. We know this for a fact.

Yes No Maybe are also fully endorsed by Barter Books, having visited for a weekend, met with everyone, and had a good look at the original Poster at the same time. Bought a book too. A rare on my dad had been looking for everywhere. And a Futurama DVD at a very keen price. They stock the 'Original' Red Yes No Maybe Keep Calm T shirts.
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Love the last comment.. the guys a 'dirty thief' what a joker...

There's an interesting story behind these t-shirts, and especially given the statement in the previous comment. The couple that own one of Britain's largest 2nd hand bookstores in the north of England are the one's who first came across the poster and started to print it... read the story at the link below. This is a stone cold FACT.

The guys who own (and I assume yesnomaybe) are well aware of this as Barterbooks is where he first acquired the poster. Admittedly the guys saw the potential in the iconic imagery and new how to capitalise on it... and of course the poster is copyright free and in the public domain, but still it's his lack of recognition of the discoverer's of the poster that annoys me.

If anyone wants to purchase one some 'Keep Calm and Carry On' stuff I suggest you do it from the the true home of the iconic found phrase.. Barter Books, Alnwick, Northumberland.
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The guy who set up this company stole the idea from YesNoMaybe. He's a dirty thief!
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"Get into trouble"? The people in the referenced article got into trouble because they were on private property (a shopping mall is NOT public property) and wouldn't leave when so asked by the management. One is only allowed to remain on private property at the pleasure of the owner (in this case, the mall owner). Tough noogies on them. If they don't like it, they should buy/build their own shopping mall.

I like the T-shirt, but the price is way way high.
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