Hidden Slave Passage Found in George Washington's House.

Archaeologists excavating the house George Washington lived in when he was president discovered something unusual: a hidden passageway and other ruins used by his nine slaves.

The underground passageway is just steps from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. It was designed so Washington's guests would not see slaves as they slipped in and out of the main house.

"As you enter the heaven of liberty, you literally have to cross the hell of slavery," said Michael Coard, a Philadelphia attorney who leads a group that worked to have slavery recognized at the site. "That's the contrast, that's the contradiction, that's the hypocrisy. But that's also the truth."


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Where exactly was the sign located that designated the tunnel as the "Slave Tunnel"?

The Maytag repairman wasn't born for many decades after this discussing announcement worthy of an Eli Roth film. Produce and cured meats were kept in cool places like low tunnels to extend their usefulness.

Why would slaves be kept below ground where air couldn't be re-circulated, thereby ensuring sickness rather than housing them in buildings outside? As a businessman, I prefer healthy employees. I save money on insurance and absenteeism. Surely an evil President could have hidden his horrified slaves in barracks inside an outdoor compound surrounded by sadistic guards.

If you look at the detailed archeological diagrams on other sites they point to an approximately 6' x 9' kitchen that presumably would serve a Presidential dinner party! While at the same time they claim that the slaves were hidden away in an adjacent part of the terror chamber that happens to be more likely the size of a Presidential kitchen. Anyone with experience hosting even a small dinner party would see the incredible mockery this is.

Step back and analyze who presented this information and then see what kind of support it has garnered. This proposition has been shoved down our throats with absolutely no other outside investigation and is glaringly obvious as another big ladle to stir support from the black segment of our population as the Presidential election nears so that when and if a Democrat is in the Whitehouse they can do nothing for African Americans once again. Shame!
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