Whirled peas?

Striving for peace is something we can all agree on, isn't it? Link [YouTube]

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Bookmark the site below, and go back once a week to remind yourself who is in the right and who is in the wrong here. (Whoever made, and whoever posted, the pro-Moslem video clip was one mental midget.)
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Wow, those statistics are pretty alarming. Over a quarter of the population in the Middle East do NOT want peace or democracy. That's one out of four or one out of three people who don't want peace.
That is pretty disturbing.
So, I'm supposed to be convinced people want peace from this? Mission failed.
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astanhope, please don't let these comments bother you. Ironically, people who love to spread hatred are the reason we need peace efforts to begin with.

I agree with Alex! Thanks.
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Those idiots brought the bombings on themselves! Religion of peace my arse, have they even read the second book written by their "great" leader? That one only speaks of violence and death to any who don't assimilate into their militaristic fascist form of government. If we don't stop them at the door and quit letting them into our country we'll be overrun with muslims. I don't want to be around for that.
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I thought it was interesting - certainly discussion-provoking.

To me, a wide variety of ideas and postings is what makes Neatorama interesting. So, I support this and other postings by the blog's authors. Good job, astanhope!
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"Whirled peas?"

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