A Place Between Us.

If you want to set up a meeting with a friend somewhere between where you both are, you can consult A Place Between Us. Enter your location, your friend’s location, and the type of place you want to meet. For example, if I were in Charleston and wanted to meet a New York friend for lunch, Gaithersburg, Maryland is about halfway between. This Google Map-based application suggested four restaurants in the area. Link -via the Presurfer

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Try starting out in NYC with a friend in Paris, France.

Apparently we should meet for coffee in the middle of the Atlantic.

Similarly, friends in Miami and Houston can meet somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.
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@Rebecca: The "theater" issue appears to be a problem with the results returned for some Google searches. We found a similar problem with "diner" queries. In that case, the search always came back with a Swansea, UK location!

Maybe Google is trying to make us take vacations. :)

If you run into any other problems like this, please let us know via the feedback link on http://a.placebetween.us/

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Gaithersburg has few places I would consider for meeting someone after having driven 6+ hours unless the search criteria included only chain restaurants. Besides, Gaithersburg is much closer to NY than Charleston. When I searched those cities all the results were south of Richmond.
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