VideoSift: Science Collective.

Let's take a look at VideoSift's Science collective (excellent choices there, by the way, highly recommended).

The trap-jaw ants can"jump" by snapping their jaw onto a hard surface. The energy of the impact is forceful enough to catapult the ant through the air!

Jump ahead to 2:00 for the good stuff! Link

A Japanese submarine caught a deep sea feeding frenzy off the coast of Okinawa: watch how sea-floor scavengers fight over and polish off a piece of fish carcass that drifted down to the bottom. Link

Daniel Tammet, a savant who has exceptional memory (he holds the European record for memorizing pi to 22,514 digits).

Here's Daniel on David Letterman explaining what it means to be a savant: Link

Here's a documentary on Tammet: The Boy with the Incredible Brain | Brain Man

Here's Yoram Bauman, a stand up comedian and economist, explains all about the 10 Principles of Economics (You'd be pleasantly entertained ... er, edumacated!)


"Aristotle declared that humans are the only animal to laugh, but then, he never saw this video of Jaak Panksepp tickling rats."

And those rats ... they looovee being tickled! Link

For more the web's most interesting videos, check out: VideoSift.

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