Burger King - The Movie.

Just in case you haven't seen enough of the creepy King from the Burger King advertisements, he's about to make the jump to the big screen. Burger King has confirmed that the feature length movie could hit theaters as early as the end of 2007, although there's no word yet on a title, plot, or casting. Via Cinematical

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Unfortunately I'm afraid that Anita has given more thought to the plot than anyone involved in this project.
Personally, I think he's gonna surprise us all and do hard core porn. Let's just say I've just heard rumors that he has another massive head as yet unscene.
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I wish they would finally show the King for what he really is. A crazed madman with a taste for blood!

I can see it now...

A man wakes up to see the burgerking man standing over him with a burger. He refuses, and then is mercilessly chopped up into small bits.
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Woah. I can't wait for the movie. If they do it right (a big if, nowadays,) it will be awesome. I love the Burger King commercials- disturbing and funny at the same time.

One idea for a plot: the king and other mascots (the Geico caveman, ect)get together and form a justice league...or even better, an evil society! Think of the possibilities!
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