Young Drivers Drive Faster in Real Life After Playing Racing Video Games.

Driving school BSM found that young drivers are more likely to drive faster on the roads after playing racing video games:

More than a third of young drivers are more likely to go faster on the roads after playing on-screen driving games, a survey suggests.

And 27% of motorists aged under 24 admitted more risk-taking on the road after a gaming session.

Link - via Shurebit

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Terry Austin is right. I didnt get my drivers license until I was 18 and only had a learners permit for less then a week. My mom woke me up at 6 in the morning and took me to the DMV while I was half asleep and passed the driving test on the first try.

The only time I even speed is to either keep up with traffic on the highway or if the conditions are safe. I usually never exceed 5 to 10 miles over unless on the highway where if I do go the speed limit I would likely be rear ended. The speed limit here is 65 on the highway but rarely will you ever see someone going slower then 75-80. At night I tend to either go the speed limit or 5 below the speed limit depending where I am.

I love racing games. Generally for driving games I play Grand Theft Auto, Burnout, Ridge Racer, Driver, and Gran Turismo. I am likely far more safer on the roads then many of the other people I see driving.
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Since since is based on survey data, it is measuring teh drivers' perception of their driving, not their actual driving. And there is a lot of research that indicates that people drive at a certain level of perceived danger - as cars get safer, people take more chances while driving. Since those who play games *think* they are driving more dangerously, they are probably, actually, driving more safely. The fact that those who play games regularly are more likely to pass their driving test on the first try supports this.

This looks like the typical BS sort of fake science done by the hysterical reactionaries who want to ban computer gaming (and, in previous generations, long hair, alcohol, and dancing), not because it is harmful, but because they don't like it.
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