Los Angeles cat breeder Judy Sugden has been working since the late eighties to breed a housecat that resembles a tiger. The result is the “Toyger”, a registered breed she is still working on.

The breed standard for the Toyger, as registered with TICA, is a big-boned, pumpkin-colored animal with a whitened belly. Ideally, its stripes mimic those of its powerful role model, flowing up from the stomach and down from the spine, and forming concentric arcs around the face.

So far, there are 400 registered Toygers, but none that exemplify all the registered attributes. She hopes to have a perfect specimen by 2010. Link

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I am lucky enough to breed these gorgeous Toygers in the UK. They are the most amazing creatures. Intelligent, full of character and so very affectionate. We love our cats and can assure all they aRe healthy and happy.
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In response to michelle and no name. This argument is completely stupid. Do any of you have children? Did you adopt them or are they biologically yours? There are some people who will adopt and some that wont. I personally did't even think of adopting when my husband and I decided to have children. I wanted a child that was part me and part my husband. I guess I am selfish and I have no compassion according to you guys, by the way it is cheaper to have your own child than adopt, so I guess I am cheap too. Now you may be saying that that is not the same thing, but I don't see much difference we all need love and attention.
Ok back to cats. Quit complaining about what YOU think is "right" and just love them. The point that really needs to get across to the public and breeders is to be responsible, not where to spend your money. If you are not a breeder then your pets should be fixed and if you are a breeder you should have the animals fixed if they are not being sold for breeding. I believe you cheapy people are part of the problem because you are too cheap to have your animals fixed! Be responsible and spread the word about being responsible that is really the root of the whole problem isn't it?
I personally am planning on purchasing a Toyger outcross kitten if I can. These kittens need just as much love as any other. I agree with D20chick. And if any of you would do your OWN homework you would know that these breeders want to be sure they are creating this new breed according to the standards they have set, so all the kittens for sale are almost always spayed or neutered. The only way you can get one that is not spayed or neutered is by paying $$$ and convincing the breeder that your goal is the same as theirs for the breed.
I believe this new breed is great for those people who want an exotic looking animal, a much better choice than buying a real wild cat or a hybrid of a wild cat that could potentially be dangerous to you, your home, or your neighbors. Look up Safari and Savannah cats those are half wild cat and half domestic cat!
The Toyger was started by breeding domestic Shorthairs and Bengals together. The Bengal has an interesting history it is believed to have some Asian Leopard Cat in its beginnings, but the modern Bengal gene pool contains genes sourced from many varieties of domestic cats - mainly Egyptian Maus, American Shorthair, Abyssinian, Ocicat, and domestic Shorthaired cats. I see the Toyger progressing along a similar route as the Bengals, basically the gene pool is being widened to acquire the particular look of a Toyger and this will also help with health, then eventually the Toyger will breed with only other Toygers just like the Bengals of today. Go to and do your own research into the new breed.
By the way, why aren't you guys attacking ALL of the people who breed for show? How do you think they get their beautiful specimens? Forget it!! Let's just talk about how darn cute they all are.
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MAYBE there should be an article about THESE cats and adopted cats/dogs/animals in general. that will make everyone happy.
if your to cheap to buy one these cute kittys consider going to your local pound and pick up an animal.

I like 'em. myself? to the pound! im a cheapy.=)
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While I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments about spaying and neutering your pets, and understand the plight of feral cats and animal homelessness, there is a flip side to it. There are just some poeple in the world who will never adopt or rescue an animal. These are the people who buy their purebred dogs and cats from pet stores and breeders.

So these people that would pay $4000 for a toyger are not people that would set foot in an animal shelter. I've had many an argument with people like this but their response is why would they take on someone else's problem. Its similar to the sentiment that these same people would never buy a used car because its someone else's headache. These people really believe (and yes they are stupid for believing it) that non pure-bred animals have behavioral problems, and that purebred animals are somehow superior.

It's something we all just need to get used to. And look at the bright side, that's more rescue and adopted pets for those of us with a little compassion!
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