Buffalo Jump: Native American's Way to Kill Herds of Buffalos.

From the new shelton wet/dry:

American Indians used to chase buffalo over a cliff. The cliff was called a buffalo jump. The most famous of Wyoming’s buffalo jumps is the Vore Buffalo Jump located near Beulah. From the layers of bones, scientists have estimated that some 20,000 bison were killed at the site and that it was in use as late as 1800 AD.

Link | Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump [wiki], another site for the Buffalo Jump

Update 2/22/07: The buffalo photo above is by David Wojnarowicz - Thanks Jullian Miller!

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After reading the following comments. Some people still need to be educated!

As for the "landbridge" theory, yes some people did cross and settle in the canadas and pacific coastal areas. But some people "time immemorial" ago came from the southern hemisphere, due north! These people used, what is called the nahuatl language/dialect. Their dna/structure chromosomes do differ from the asiatic/canadic/pacific "landbridge" people.
Whilst euro-man was running buck naked looking for a place to stay warm, these people built cities with sewer systems, had gold armor, Knew the concept of "0" in which all math is based on. Were as what they liked to call themselves "masters of time". Research *Easter Island*

As for being wasteful, bison are like religious folk "herd mentality"! ie. If you jump of the bridge, so will I! It does not take much, to get these beast frenzy. Whites may have learned this form of hunting from indians and did it to save bullets and time, and leave the rest to rot and blame it on indians, just like the boston tea party!
If the native american was so wasteful, why was there a gold rush? why could you drink water from any creek? why is there still an ancient redwood forest? The bible, songs of Solomon, a verse talks about the great cedars of lebanon! Where are they now?

The American Indian, gave the world 125+ medicinal plants, and not one weapon of mass human destruction.

"If we "mankind" take our filth (morales,ecological practices,wanton destruction)to another planet, and we destroy that planet also, then we are nothing but a bad cancer in the universe! And we should be destroyed."-Great Basin Indian Elders, circa 1960's
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This picture is an actual factual representation of our struggles as a people trying to find our way in a world where we are all buffalos jumping off the cliff of life.
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