Yet Another Bra Made of Gold.

It's another golden bra. I don't understand a word of the page (it's written in Korean). I hope they said something about the apparent "lack of freedom" the model is suffering. Cool for a Princess Leia costume, though.

Link - via Peony Mirro

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Google translator does reveal however that the price being asked for this is 1800 million Won which at current rates is about 1.9 million dollars. It also has 5 carats of diamonds.
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By the way, in most cases the google translator is really not going to help with korean. It translates seperate characters and the ones it can't translate, it'll just write out the syllables in english. At the top they turned "photo" into "gun toe" because the first syllable (po, in korean, because we don't have "f" sounds) can mean "guns" or "weaponry" and sometimes even "violence" depending on which chinese root is used in context. Because a web-based translator doesn't know that, and "to" is not a word, it translator "po" into "gun" and transcribed the second syllable into "toe".

Just some useless trvia:)
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the top says "Sports Korea: [Photo] 'Gasp!' 18-karat gold brassiere"

the bottom caption says something about the 18th anniversary of some fashion brand (Rafira? Rapira? I don't know...), and Golden John (again, I'm not up to date with news over there anymore). It says the bra is to celebrate the anniversary, and also that it's decorated with 365 5-karat diamonds.
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